Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dealing With the Devil: The Majority of Gay Men Still Have Unprotected Sex With Strangers

A study by the University of Westminster (UK) indicated that 8 out of 10 young gay men in London have had unprotected sex with a stranger. The research findings were extraordinary as two men are infected with HIV in London every day. One 25 year old, who was interviewed for the project, said: “I was recently diagnosed with HIV and I blame my lifestyle for it.” Another young man, now 24 years old, who contracted HIV at 16, said: “It was my own fault. I would never have imagined that my first sexual encounter could have such consequences. I was in love and even though it did cross my mind, I thought he did not look like somebody with HIV.”
What this very sad and tragic study reveals: is that nothing the gay community offers, or had tried in the past, is working. Since the 1970s, they have attempted to reach a healing state of nirvana through: group camaraderie, sexual excess, political action, a push for social acceptance, and the recent drive towards same-sex marriage. Despite all of this, gay men are invariably drawn to promiscuity. Why? This is because the homosexual issue is not one that can be addressed through culture wars, social engineering, or bureaucratic legislation; it is a psychological, and more deeply, a spiritual problem that can only reach a resolution through spiritual means. Therefore, homosexuals need to first realize that what they are doing is pointless, dangerous, and eventually, deadly. Their only Hope for happiness, peace, and ultimate redemption is with the sole religion which offers healing for the abused, rejected, and perverted: Christianity. For, did not Our Lord say: “They that are whole, need not the physician: but they that are sick. I came not to call the just, but sinners to penance.”

*I realize, this is no easy endeavor, as, at one time, my entire existence was wrapped up in the gay lifestyle. To admit that I made a mistake, took years. But this is a requirement for healing. Also, it’s sometimes helpful to admits that: yes, I was a victim. Perhaps, something did take place in my childhood; something that I had no control over. Now, that incident did not predestine me for a life of debauchery, but, I did make it easier to be eventually misled and deceived. Only then, once we have been shown the way: is it up to us to turn away from death and move towards the light.   


  1. These statistics are really sad. To be affected by such a crippling disease at such a young age is a tragedy. You are right: this is a spiritual crisis.
    Dear Lord, look after this young people, and bring their hearts close to you. Let them know, that Your love provides all the nourishment that their wounded souls long for. Dear Lord, let them know that in their struggles and in their darkness, they are not alone. Hear our prayers, Amen.