Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Women of the 2013 Inauguration

Lady Gaga (famous for placing a cross on her crotch,) Katy Perry (I Kissed a Girl,) and Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives) are the headliners at the Obama inauguration festivities. The sickest spectacle so far: Perry, the high-priestess of kiddie-porn, receiving top-billing at the Children’s Concert; grooming future generations of porn stars. Is this the best and the brightest our country has to offer? Surely not, but they fit in neatly with the Obama agenda of religious (Christian) desecration, homosexuality, and moral relativism. 


  1. This is exactly why I refused to watch this year. Yes I am black and today is Martin Luther King Jr. holiday/birthday. I refuse to furthet desecrate myself.

    I found it funny he used the family Bible during the private swearing in ceremony yesterday. I thought, "We should pray for the salvation of him and his household. It is rare for a person to hear the gospel truth once and immediately accept Jesus."

    Oh! There was a petition on the White House website to keep Beyonce from performing. Don't get me started on her and the occult. Lots of info on YouTube & the net.

    Anyway, the White House took it down when they almost had enough signatures that would require them to officially do something. I wonder if she showed her crotch like she does at all her performances?

    We all know Obama is beholden to the Hollywood crowd. Even if he plans to do his job properly he has lost credibility in my eyes.

    I thought America is a place where people who work hard get ahead. Why not use some unknown performers so they can get exposure?

    Satan is truly the god of this world, but he knows his time is short. Thank you Jesus for making the way of escape. T. W.

  2. I don't know if Carrie Underwood is performing but she told Allure Magazine that she is a conservative Christian who supports gay marriage. Says she can't understand why a person can't marry the one they love.

    I understand it. How about we let the woman down the street marry her German Shepherd dog? The man on TLC's documentary should marry his car. Dude got intimate with it on camera. How about we let Jerry Sandusky marry one of his victims. He claims he loves them.

    Some things are just wrong and if she took the time to use her brain she would be able to understand.

    These are the people we put on pedestals. T. W.

  3. Still, I would have taken Carrie Underwood over these clowns that Obama used anyday!

    1. Hi. I understand your point completely.

      I read there were a lot of technical difficulties during yhe ceremony and President Obama had difficulty repeating the lines for oath of office. A rapper named Lupe Fiasco said horrible things about him during his performance. The microphones and lights were turned off and Secret Service took him off the stage. President Clinton ogled Kelly Clarkson and First Lady Michelle rolled her eyes at John Boehner (he was sitting to her left at a brunch or dinner).

      I still believe I missed nothing.

      Saint Malachi says one more Pope to go, then that's it. Thank God the nightmare of our reality is almost over. T. W.