Saturday, January 19, 2013

SpongeBob, Part II: A Plea

I can not stop thinking about this SpongBob porn parody. The Lord is urging me to speak-out. It's telling on so many levels. Before this: the porn-pushers were clearly targeting the pre-teen and teen audiences with the spoofs of Spiderman, Superman and Batman, but the SpongeBob film sickly shoots for the adolescent age group: I am claiming that this stuff strategically lures toddlers to tweens. I can see generations of children being seduced and possessed by pornographic demons. There is a silent and bloody war going on right now. Prisoners are being taken; and the causalities are high. But no one sees. If these kids survive, they will be completely shell-shocked, damaged and disturbed (speaking from experience;) or worse: they will become monsters.  


  1. Hi.

    This takes me back to the late 90's. A lot of us were laughing because people would search for the official White House website but got a porn site because they did not type in .gov.

    I also remember George Michael suing because a gay porn site used his name. He lost because that is his stage name.

    These porn pushers are very patient. A lot of the actors/talent/models were tortured abd abused as children. A lot of them are victims of human trafficking. Not all of the participants are willing. I hope Brother Joseph speaks on this in his book.

    Before I forget, as Brother Joseph has said sex acts are performed as part of some satanic rituals. People who have done this have told me young children are used. Some of the survivors end up in porn, some by choice.

    I apologize for the long post. Brother Joseph's comments have caused me to use my brain and think.

    Friends, we are truly in the last days. Ask Lord Jesus to save you if you haven't already. If you are not sure you want to do this, ask Him to show Himself to you. If do not want to do this, that is your choice. Please know that Jesus loves you best and I am praying for your salvation.

    Everyone be blessed and stay blessed! T. W.

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