Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My E-Book is Now on Amazon

After much prayer, my book is available on Amazon.com. Please buy it! In good conscience, I can only recommend it for those over 18 years of age, or unless they have already been deeply hurt by porn. Thank you for all the prayers. Next, the paperback edition.



  1. Hi brother Joseph! I love the cover art!

    I am a fan of hard/paperback myself. If my laptop behaves I will do my best to get the e-book.

    I know a teenager who is in trouble and maybe I can gift him with the softback with his mother's permission.

    Oh! I am willing to pay extra for a signed copy paperback for myself. Holler back! T. W.

  2. Done!! Well done, Joseph!!! Have been praying for you too :-) I'm so happy that your story is out there for everyone to read, especially the most vulnerable. You should do a video about your new book, it would be awesome if it goes viral like your past videos! Congratulations again and thanks, Joseph. May the Lord bless you always. Love and Blessings, S.O.