Thursday, January 3, 2013

Loretta Young: A Great Catholic Star

Loretta with Servant of God Father Patrick Peyton.


  1. How does the church feel about her having a child (fathered by the married Clark Gable)out of wedlock and then lying about it?

    1. She was a wonderful woman. A person of her means could have gotten rid of the baby, but she did not. In her later years, she spent a lot of time promoting Catholic causes and giving to charity.

    2. Mr. Sciambra:

      I am more moved by your story than I can say. You seem to have found a few years of peace from the personal demons which have tormented you most of your life (am I wrong in assuming you had a fairly screwed up relationship with your Dad?)

      I certainly don't mean to cause you any more pain, but you seem to have traded one addiction for another. It is my biggest hope for you that some day you will learn to love all of the gifts God has given you ... and yes, by "gifts" I do mean your homosexuality.

      I realize, of course, that you're rejecting even the slightest notion of that, but I do hope that -- when you're ready for it -- you'll understand what a blessing your sexuality is. There are many faith traditions which welcome and affirm the LGBT community and I hope you can find spiritual validation there -- after all, religious affiliation is a choice, sexuality is not.

      But the real reason I'm writing is because, like you, I'm a crazed old movie fan (black & white movies RULE!!!) and wanted to let you know that you probably shouldn't be featuring Loretta Young on a website praising sexual probity.

      It was (and is) an open secret in Hollywood that Ms. Young -- as fine an actress as she was -- slept which just about any man who asked her. She was pretty screwed up and believed that the only way she could express her attraction to a man was by bedding him.

      I'm not sure that's the message you want to promote with your blog.

    3. I know she had a wild life, but I love people who lost their way, like myself, then through the love of Jesus found their soul again. She was a very devout Catholic later on. I also love old films, when I was in the gay life; I lived in The Castro Theater. It was my temple.

    4. Well ... what you call "devout" I think the rest of the world would call "hypocritical".

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  3. Just found your blog. Thank you. Carry on brother.