Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lady Gaga Reenacts an Occult Ceremony at The White House

Lady Gaga rode into The White House inauguration party on a flying saucer piano from hell. After that, she thanked the president for standing up for gay rights and dedicated “Born This Way” to him. As is often the case with her, like when she arrived at an awards ceremony in a cytoplasmic pod, Gaga mimics a strange extraterrestrial imagery that departs from the campiness of 1950s sci-fi and takes a page right out of the devil's playbook. This was most strangely self-evident in the horrific prologue to the music video “Born this Way,” in which she gives birth to an alien baby. Her aesthetic reminds me more of the hardcore seen in BDSM and underground fetishism (in the video for “Bad Romance.) Katy Perry has also gotten into this strange fetish with her song “E.T.” Not to be left-out, the talentless Ke$ha told a radio interviewer that she recently had sex with a ghost and then wrote the song “Supernatural” about it. For myself, this only strengthens my belief that the entire UFO and parapsychology network is nothing but demonic infestation and possession. Somewhat, all of this reminds me of the 80s horror film The Entity. Only, that film failed on several levels to take-on the full spiritual significance of demonic influence upon the lives of Man. In a bit of self-promotion, if you want to find out what really happens to a person that dabbles in the occult: read my book Swallowed by Satan

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  1. I have got to get your book.

    This post made me laugh. I am literally sick of ga-ga and I wonder if she actually wants us to take her seriously.

    I wish the powers that be would stop with the gay agenda. The powers that be are down right evil and the gay agenda, the cult of celebrity, perversion, and occult symbolism are red herrings to keep our attention from being focused on what they are really doing.

    Please do not purchase this woman's perfume. She had it created so it would smell like blood and semen. If you look up the ingredients it seems as though she got the formula from a Medieval book of spells. I have not smelled it but my sister has and she urged me not to make the mistake of doing so.

    She made a documentary while on tour. At one point she said something along the lines of she loves lucifer, she writes for him, she worships him (I am going by memory). I also saw a video of her being tortured and electrocuted. I think this was the little monsters tour or the little monsters documentary. Brother Joseph is right about the bdsm imagery being used in her act. It is going mainstream now. People will want to f* and not make love any more.

    As for the extra terrestrials and spirit beings, this illustrates my point about how "they" purposefully put out misinformation.

    If an extra terrestrial is a sentient being that is not originally of this world, then demons, angels and God fit this definition. Who are you more likely to believe - - someone who claimed they saw God during a near death experience or someone who claimed they got kidnapped and received an anal probe from space aliens?

    As for alien babies, some occult circles believe that the merging of male and female will create a perfect being. Our Bible talks about the sons of God looking upon the daughters of man and came to earth to mate with them. I know not everyone is Christian. Look at the ancient myths of the Greeks and Romans. The Hinu god Lord Krishna married a human female. They talk about gods mating with humans and their offsping. It is my personal belief that the ancient myths contain some truth. I also remember that the myths of two cultures say that the gods will be destroyed in the end. I am going by memory here and I do welcome correction if I made false statements.

    Jesus says His sheep know His voice. He is our only hope. I am glad I am a sheep of Jesus and not one of the sheeple of Satan.

    Jesus loves you best! T. W.