Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Katy Perry: More Harmful than Madonna?

I tend to avoid this woman every time I see a photo or article about her on the internet, but when I saw that she “entertained” the nation's children at a special concert celebrating Obama's inauguration, I had to read more. As I already knew, she is being held up as a model for the American youth, much in the same way the media celebrated Madonna back in my generation. But what Perry is doing is much more insidious. Unlike Madonna, who Lady Gaga is descended from, Perry covers her debauchery with a thin layer of sugar coating; this happened quite literally when she stuck mock candy all over her body in the kiddie-porn music video for “California Gurls.” Madonna, and her stepdaughter Gaga, have always been overtly sexual and never hidden their desire to push what was acceptable. Perry, hides behind a false veil of innocence. Hence, the bizarre reality of Katy Perry costumes for kids. But, like Satan, she is a huckster. She sells one thing, but delivers another. If one were to follow the mantras in her songs: staying out all night and getting blottoed, the results are: rape, disease, and or death.  


  1. I think the answer to your question is yes. At least Madonna never tried to market herself to children and said she was "searching" for religion or whatever.

    Katy Perry started out as a Christian music artist. You can go on YouTube for proof. I do not know if she claims to be a practicing Christian. She has stated in some interviews that she "sold her soul to the devil" snd she claims to have sex with spirit beings.

    Kei$ha has claimed to have fornucated with a spirit being and sings about it in her song Supernatural. The Huffington Post and other legitimate websites prove she has said this.

    It is interesting to note that Madonna sang a song tutled "Supernatural." Guess what it was about? T. W.

  2. That's very interesting, T.W. Also kind of made me shudder at the thought of these girls having sex with evil spirits. (I very much doubt that a good spirit would do something like that if they exist).

    Joseph, I totally agree with you that Katy Perry has such an extremely highly-sexualized image but for some reason she markets herself to young children. Do you remember the kerfuffle that happened when she was a guest on "Sesame Street", she was wearing something so sexually provocative that seemed completely out of place for a segment with Elmo. (The guy who used to be Elmo is another story of perversion isn't it, very sad to say). And she always protests her innocence, you're right. How can Obama be so fooled?

    I think Madonna has a lot to answer for - wouldn't you say that Britney Spears descended from her as well? And Britney started all this Lolita stuff - perhaps she's who Katy Perry models herself after. I think that they all influence each other and not in a good way. You said so yourself that Madonna always had an overtly sexual image - seriously, that couldn't have been a good thing, because look at what it has spawned. Love and Blessings, S.O.

  3. Hi S. O. I didn't think about Britney and Madonna. Remember when Madonna kissed Britney and Christina Agulera at the MTV Music Awards? That whole thing was full of occult imagery and ritual. That is one of the reasons I do not watch any awards shows anymore. This information is avaiable on the web, you might want to Google vigilantcitizen. Read the article on Alistair Crowley while you are there.

    I briefly talked about him on a previous response. Another website posted his picture side by side with former First Lady Barbara Bush. If you look at the photos, keep two thing in mind. Crowley stated insanity is good when you want to practice magick (occult). Mrs. Bush's mother was a known associate of Crowley's and ended up confined in a mental hospital.

    If good exists, that means evil exists and vice versa.

    I hope this helps. Everyone be blessed and stay blessed in Jesus' name. T. W.

  4. No I had not known of the vigilantcitizen site before, thank you T.W., I will check it out. But have heard of Alistair Crowley, in fact not long ago my husband and I looked him up on the internet because we were wanting to find out more about the type of magick that this magician called "Dynamo" has been using - we're convinced that it's some type of sorcery and Alistair Crowley's name showed up in our research, almost being like the grandfather of these types of occult practices.

    The occult appears to be so widespread and mainstream nowadays, just like porn is. It seems that many people will sell their soul to the devil just to get whatever pay-off that they're after such as power, fame, money, etc...

    I think that most young people who get drawn into these dark practices start out innocently, until they get seduced into believing that it's all fine - it helps THEM, after all. We need to take better care of our youth so that they won't succumb to the cheap promises and lures - I believe that the way to do that is to help them to see that all these desires for material things are not what truly matter in life. It's the service to God and love of God that does. May Jesus bless and protect us all, S.O.

    1. That was a beautiful response. Amen to that.

      I told someone that Dungeons and Dragons is an introduction to witchcraft. Of course I was laughed at. I read that the manufacturer consulted people who practiced occult arts so that the spells would be authentic. I cannot confirm the truth of this.

      Once again, I appreciate your thoughtful response. May God continue to deliver those who are trapped in darkness. T. W.