Saturday, January 26, 2013

Judge Dredd is Gay

I am actually totally sick of the whole gay comic book character “coming-out” as gay genre, but I feel a duty to once again warn parents about the insidious brain-washing campaigns going on through the world: a concerted effort to normalize gay sexual relations; acceptance of homosexuality as a natural derivation; and the sexualization of children.

The writers of the legendary lawman Judge Dredd have caused a stir among fans by suggesting he might be gay. The latest edition of the comic 2000 AD is titled “Closet” and deals with the issue of a teenager coming out. The first page has been released on the internet and apparently shows Dredd - a judge/policeman form the future - kissing the youth in a gay club.

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  1. I can't believe they called it Closet. Jesus said it will be like the days of Noah during the last days. There was much terrorism, murder, stealing, and sexual deviancy. Children were not safe from this either.

    Tweeners and teenagers are very susceptible and need to be taught good morals. It seems like it is easier for satan to get to them.

    I swear, all the bizarre and negative happenings make me not want to be on the earth. I spend time in prayer and lay off certain television programs and articles. Then I am calm enough to remember I cannot share the gospel of Jesus if I am not on the earth. I can phone home another day. Ha ha. T. W.