Friday, January 18, 2013

How to Dress:

Princess Beatrice and Eugenie

Saw this picture online. I am not in any way a royal watcher; but please take note American ladies: you can look glamorous, stylish, and fashionable – while remaining demure and classy.


  1. I can say that men want to have something to look forward to. I get a lot of stares when I am covered up. It is my opinion that men like to imagine what is underneath the clothing. T. W.

  2. The bible tells us that woman have to wear kerchiefs. Unfortunately I only see muslim women that take heart of that. Are they the real (christian) believers?

    1. Hi Georg. I am not sure what part of the Bible that can be found. I think you might be referring to Paul's teachings about a woman needing her head covered.

      On the surface, it seems like he was referring to physical head coverings. When one reads the passage in context that is not the case. When a woman is married the husband is "over her." Many pastors and bible scholars have taught this is not a master/slave relationship.

      An unmarried woman living with her parent(s) is under their authority.

      Husbands are under the authority of Jesus Christ. The Bible clearly states that husbands are to love their wives as Christ loves the church.

      My point is we are to be under the authority of Christ. If not then we are seen as belonging to Satan.

      Sorry for the long post. I am trying to prevent my comments from being misunderstood. I hope you will prayerfully do your own research in the matter.

      I am just a person. The Bible is God's word so ask Him what he meant. T. W.