Thursday, January 24, 2013

GLAAD Goes After the Boy Scouts; Again...

The extremely vengeful GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) is going after the National Geographic Channel's Spring premiere reality show: “Are You Tougher than a Boy Scout?” GLAAD's stale contention is that the Boy Scouts discriminate against homosexual members and applicants. Here is a little background: The Boy Scout's legal right to have these policies has been upheld repeatedly by both state and federal courts. In Boy Scouts Of America v. Dale, the Supreme Court of the US has affirmed that as a private organization, the BSA can set its own membership standards. The BSA's policies have been legally challenged but have not been found to constitute illegal discrimination; as a private organization in the United States the BSA has the right to freedom of association, as determined in the court case. In recent years, the policy disputes have led to litigation over the terms under which the BSA can access governmental resources including public lands. Scouting founder Robert Baden-Powell wrote in the first Scout handbook that, “No man is much good unless he believes in God and obeys His laws.” In fact, I found the BSA policy concerning homosexual members to be rather liberal and charitable; reflecting a true Christian inspiration. It reads as follows: “While the BSA does not proactively inquire about the sexual orientation of employees, volunteers, or members, we do not grant membership to individuals who are open or avowed homosexuals or who engage in behavior that would become a distraction to the mission of the BSA. Scouting believes same-sex attraction should be introduced and discussed outside of its program with parents, caregivers, or spiritual advisers, at the appropriate time and in the right setting. The vast majority of parents we serve value this right and do not sign their children up for Scouting for it to introduce or discuss, in any way, these topics. The BSA is a voluntary, private organization that sets policies that are best for the organization. The BSA welcomes all who share its beliefs but does not criticize or condemn those who wish to follow a different path.” In other words, the BSA wants to be spared the extreme demagoguery that has taken over gay-infiltrated organizations such as The Girl Scouts, NOW, and the Democratic Party. As a former gay activist, I can testify to the single-minded neurosis that can take over many homosexual lobbyists. It becomes not about freedom, but about proving their point, forcing others to agree; and silencing the opposition. I have seen gay advocates take-over a cause, and twist the original aim into something completely different which only functions to serve a pre-ordained agenda. For this reason, I left the political sphere of the homosexual world, long before I abandoned the social and sexual side. The fascistic violence and megalopoly of the gay power structure left me with images of brain-washed militants.

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  1. GLAAD is perpetuating the stereotype of gays being pedophiles. I promise I won't rant about Alfred Kinsey this time.

    The gays are fighting so hard to be a part of the Boy Scouts. Maybe they think Boy Scouts has something to do with finding a mate. Ok. That was mean even for me.

    Why not start their own group for children and adolescents who identify themselves as gay or bi? Wouldn't this be nice since they tend to suffer abuse from the straights? They could have a safe haven.

    Oh, that's right! They might get sued for discriminating against the straights. They would be open to lawsuits. Someone might claim they were brainwashed into thinking they are gay.

    I don't see gays and Jews suing to be a part of the Ku Klux Klan. They actually did have a black member. I saw this on the now defunct show Hard Copy. The KKK said they did not care what you look like as long as you agree with their beliefs.

    I want to know why the gays use a straight rainbow as their symbol. Maybe us straights should use a straight line consisting of fifty shades of gray. Oh, that's right. Straight people do not have to display being straight.

    If you are gay and proud and want to say it loud, I have no problem with that. What I don't understand is the use of the rainbow symbol, which is sacred to Jews and Christians. If anyone is wondering, rainbows in the sky can be straight or bent, so if they used a straight rainbow in order not to offend Jews and Christians that does not fly with me.

    Please understand I am not bashing gays. I am upset with hurtful groups that claim to help and speak for all the gays. Plus Suddenlink Cable doesn't carry LOGO so I can't watch RuPaul's Drag Race.

    To all the gays, remember Jesus loves you best! T. W.