Friday, January 25, 2013

Christian Dance/Techno Web-site

I think this is an awesome alternative to all the mind-bending and demonic worshiping filth that is out there; a Christian based dance music site.


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  1. Thank you for the link. My oldest nephew listens to dubstep. I call it headache music. I passed the link along to him.

    You are right about music. Most of us have heard about satanic messages being hidden within song tracks. Another blogger who works in the industry wrote that the singer is not always aware of this. What disgusted me most is that one of Jay-Z's songs says "murder Jesus" when played backward. It is in his voice.

    As for the music itself, there are scientific studies and secular writers claiming lyrics are not always needed to cause an effect.

    I read listening to music that keeps the same melody and has no change in rhthym can induce insanity. The military (used to?) blast loud rock music as a torture technique. The film A Clockwork Orange touches on music and mind control. That movie was before my time but I understand it.

    The book Power versus Force talks about this several chapters in. The author also said listening to certain types of music such as house music can make a person susceptible to demonic possession. He discusses how and why demons attach themselves to people who are in an altered state of consciousness. This theme is throughout the book. In the first chapter he describes a near death experience he had and says being high on drugs for the first time creates the exact same feeling. He wrote that being intoxicated opens people up to demonic possession because the altered state of consciousness is artifically created. Jesus rose and conquered the grave. Let us not be afraid.

    Friends, let us make a joyful shout to the Lord! T. W.