Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bravery from Down Under: Catholic Bishops in Australia Stand for Religious Freedom

The body representing Catholic Bishops has defended its right to withhold employment against gay people within its education and health institutions. The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference has given evidence to a Senate Committee which is investigating the Government's planned changes to anti-discrimination laws. The proposed bill allows an exemption for religious bodies if the decision is necessary to avoid injury to religious sensitivities. Fr. Brian Lucas; General Secretary for the Australian Bishops, says the exemption protects religious freedom: “The legislation would allow the school, in balancing those conflicting rights, to say to that teacher 'wouldn't it be better if you found employment somewhere that is more consistent with what your beliefs are.'”

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  1. I agree totally.

    This reminds me of something Pastor Joseph Prince said. Being a Christian is not a requirement to attend praise and worship services. He spoke of some non-Christians who repeatedly returned for several years. They had no intention of accepting Our Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Those people were asked to leave.

    We don't know why they kept coming. I know of people who hang around Christians because it makes them look good and they know the blessings of God can "rub off" on them. They are settling for crumbs instead of eating meals with the King at His table.

    I know of preachers who have never accepted Christ but have led many souls to Him. They enjoy the prestige, money, and sadly in some cases the women that their position brings.

    I am sure the Church prayerfully seeks God's guidance in all decision making. That does not mean He won't say, "That man is Muslim. I want you to hire him." God knows best and He loves best! T. W.