Monday, December 31, 2012

Thank You Jesus

Over the last few days, I have been really struggling between whether or not I should go through with publishing a book detailing my experiences in porn, the occult, and the gay world. I am lazy, cowardly, and easily intimidated. Out-of-nowhere, several times, during the same day, I came across this section of Holy Scripture. I am this man. Thank you Jesus.
AND they came over the strait of the sea into the country of the Gerasens. And as he went out of the ship, immediately there met him out of the monuments a man with an unclean spirit, Who had his dwelling in the tombs, and no man now could bind him, not even with chains. For having been often bound with fetters and chains, he had burst the chains, and broken the fetters in pieces, and no one could tame him. And he was always day and night in the monuments and in the mountains, crying and cutting himself with stones. And seeing Jesus afar off, he ran and adored him. And crying with a loud voice, he said: What have I to do with thee, Jesus the Son of the most high God? I adjure thee by God that thou torment me not. For he said unto him: Go out of the man, thou unclean spirit. And he asked him: What is thy name? And he saith to him: My name is Legion, for we are many. And he besought him much, that he would not drive him away out of the country. And there was there near the mountain a great herd of swine, feeding. And the spirits besought him, saying: Send us into the swine, that we may enter into them. And Jesus immediately gave them leave. And the unclean spirits going out, entered into the swine: and the herd with great violence was carried headlong into the sea, being about two thousand, and were stifled in the sea.
And they that fed them fled, and told it in the city and in the fields. And they went out to see what was done: And they came to Jesus, and they see him that was troubled with the devil, sitting, clothed, and well in his wits, and they were afraid. And they that had seen it, told them, in what manner he had been dealt with who had the devil; and concerning the swine. And they began to pray him that he would depart from their coasts. And when he went up into the ship, he that had been troubled with the devil, began to beseech him that he might be with him. And he admitted him not, but saith to him: Go into thy house to thy friends, and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had mercy on thee. And he went his way, and began to publish in Decapolis how great things Jesus had done for him: and all men wondered.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Porn Continues to Destroy Lives: Especially Men's

Young men who have the habit of watching porn may be putting an end to their real sex lives, experts warn. Gleneagles Hospital urologist Doctor Lim Huat Chye told Shin Min Daily News of Malaysia that men who watch too much pornography can find it increasingly difficult to be satisfied when having sex. In time, these men might lose their appetite for sex and suffer from erectile dysfunction as a result.
Don't expect studies like these out of the USA anytime soon; we are already in too deep. For I am sure that the porn industry and the big pharmaceutical companies will be overjoyed: as men need more porn to get aroused; and when that doesn’t work they can always take a Viagra. This is one of the points I make in my soon to be released book: porn makes sex unerotic. It feeds the ever growing belly for more hard-core feasts. It never stops.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Grace Kelly to Katy Perry: What Happened?

Photo censored by author.

I look at these two photos and think: What happened? Grace Kelly proved that you do not have to take your clothes off to be beautiful; or even sexy. Today, everyone relies solely on the pornographic trick to get the immediate response. There is no more Art in the popular media.  

The Devil Loves Anal Sex: Part III

The Devil Loves Anal Sex: Part II

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Who Prays for Us? The Gay Male Porn Stars Who Died in 2012

Damon Audigier

Adam Faust
Heart attack

Tanner Hayes

Nathan Price
Cause of death: ?

Roman Ragazzi

Sergio Real
Liver cancer

Erik Rhodes
Heart attack

Cause of death: ?

Nelson Troy
Heart failure

Josh Weston

Who Remembers Dead Porn Stars? A Tribute to My Friend Andy Mantegna

Right now, I am currently finishing up my book and trying to put together a tribute to those male porn actors who died during the past year. While working on both projects, a came across a photograph of my old friend Andy Mantegna. At the time, in my mind, I was lambasting the porn industry for unceremoniously burying their dead, and then moving on to the next big star, without a tear ever being shed. When I saw the picture of Andy, I too had almost forgotten him. When he died, by suicide, in 1996, like the porn industry, I was equally jaded and comatose. Now, I remember him as a kind man; humble, caring, but also somehow always sad. God bless you Andy. You are missed.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Disappearing Male in the American Family

Sad news. As this continues to trend, look for: rising promiscuity among young girls as they look for daddy in every sweet-talking boy/man; young men will either act out violently, imagining that they are killing their neglectful father, or fall into homosexuality as they search for the masculinity and male love they never received from their father.  

Catholic Bishop Makes the Nazi-Gay Connection: Brave Man!

The Right Reverend Mark Davies, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Shrewsbury, spoke about the push to legalize homosexual marriages in the UK, during his Christmas sermon. He said:
Past generations have gathered in this cathedral on Christmas night amid many shadows which seemed to obscure the future for them. We think of the ideologies of the past century, Communism and Nazism, which in living memory threatened to shape and distort the whole future of humanity. These inhuman ideologies would each challenge in the name of progress the received Christian understanding of the sanctity of human life and the family. Winston Churchill, Britain's wartime prime minister, a man without clear, religious belief, saw in this deadly struggle nothing less than the defense of Christian civilization.”
As a former gay rights activist, I can completely concur with his supposition. I will explore this further in my book; but Gay culture and Nazi ideology are very similar in that they: idolize the supremely masculine male, have a strident adherence to their own ideology, and an extreme hatred for all those who disagree with them. The longer I stayed in the gay community, the more I could not tolerate their extreme closed-mindedness and pink fascism. They consistently shouted down any dissenting voice. Later, when I got into the occult, the Nazi-gay connection goes even deeper with the homoerotic blood-sex rituals that were regularly performed by the SS; not to mention the gay cabals within the early Brownshirt movement.

Monday, December 24, 2012

This Christmas: Child Porn is Sweeping the World; Let Us Pray for the Victims

I questioned myself whether or not I wanted to post a story about child porn so close to Christmas, but then I thought: the devil does not honor Our Lord's Birthday; and the children are still crying. What better day to pray for the safety of our most innocent brothers and sisters than when God Almighty came to Earth as a humble child.
Child porn is crossing all social, economic, racial, religious, and gender lines. Here is the proof: a once-prominent spokesman for Roman Catholic bishops in Canada who helped organize World Youth Day in Toronto is being accused of producing and distributing child pornography. This comes in the wake of the earlier conviction of a Canadian Bishop who was sentenced to 15 months in jail and two years of probation after he was caught at the Ottawa airport with hundreds of pornographic images of young boys on his laptop and a hand-held device. Also, this month, the multimillionaire founder of a South Texas cargo airline was given 30 years in prison for federal child pornography charges, after authorities found more than 2,400 images and 18 child pornography videos on his laptop and two external hard drives. Then, in Florida, hours after launching national press and social media efforts, federal authorities arrested a 25-year-old woman alleged to be a child porn producer and rescued her toddler victim. Lastly, (12/21/12) a Montana teenage boy was sentenced to 10 years in prison for distributing child porn.

This is only a small sampling of the child porn arrests and convictions which have taken place over the past month. I chose these cases as they seem to represent a cross-section of those who are now being caught up in the supreme evil of child porn. And I will guarantee you, these people did not start their porn careers with child porn, like a drug addict, they most likely began their cycle of addiction with lesser potent material; no one does heroin their first time out. All these men, and women, were groomed by the so-called main-stream pornographic media.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Price of Porn: Our Children Pay With Their Lives

  • One in three American girls and one in seven boys will be sexually molested by age 18.
  • 87% of convicted molesters of girls and 77% of convicted molesters of boys admit to using pornography, most often in the commission of their crimes.
  • More children contract sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) each year than all the victims of polio in its 11-year epidemic (1942-1953).
  • One of the most popular pornographic video series in America is based upon incest.
  • 29% of all forcible rapes are against children under the age of 11.
  • The median age of abuse is 9.9 for boys and 9.6 for girls.
  • 22% of boys and 23% of girls who are sexually abused are molested before the age of eight.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Porn Continues to Go After the Youth Audience

Photo censored by author.
Porn parody hit-makers X-Play have taken aim at a less-than-likely target with the announcement of plans to produce a triple-X send-up of TLC's runaway reality show sensation Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Continues to prove, what I have been writing for months, that the porn-pushers are taking every opportunity to hook kids, as young as possible, into the pornographic pipeline. In this case, Honey Boo Boo appeals to teens and pre-teens. Whats next, a porn rip-off of of Batman and Robin? Oops, they already did that... As a side note, there has also been an ongoing trend within porn to seek out actresses who look similar to well-known celebrities; probably Mary Carey, who passingly resembled Mariah Carey, is the most well-known. Now, they are shooting more for the younger audiences with women like: Britney Pierce. 

More from the Pope on Gay Marriage

The Holy Father said today (12/21/12) concerning the continuing acceptance of gay marriage: “People dispute the idea that they have a nature, given to them by their bodily identity, that serves as a defining element of the human being...They deny their nature and decide that it is not something previously given to them, but that they make it for themselves. The manipulation of nature, which we deplore today where our environment is concerned, now becomes man's fundamental choice where he himself is concerned.”

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Liberalizing of America: By Porn

Data from the New Family Structures Study revealed that when young adult Americans (ages 23-39) are asked about their level of agreement with the statement “It should be legal for gays and lesbians to marry in America,” the gender difference emerges, just as expected: 42% of men agreed or strongly agreed, compared with 47% of women of the same age. More men than women disagreed or strongly disagreed (37% versus 30%), while comparable levels (21-23%) said they were “unsure.” But of the men who view pornographic material “every day or almost every day,” 54% “strongly agreed” that gay and lesbian marriage should be legal, compared with around 13% of those whose porn-use patterns were either monthly or less often than that. Statistical tests confirmed that porn use is a (very) significant predictor of men’s support for same-sex marriage, even after controlling for other obvious factors that might influence one’s perspective, such as political affiliation, religiosity, marital status, age, education, and sexual orientation. The same pattern emerges for the statement, “Gay and lesbian couples do just as good a job raising children as heterosexual couples.” Only 26% of the lightest porn users concurred, compared to 63% of the heaviest consumers. It’s a linear association for men: the more porn they consume, the more they affirm this statement. More rigorous statistical tests confirmed that this association too is a very robust one.

As I have contended, now, I am thrilled to have the data that supports the argument: porn has a very liberalizing effect on all those who watch it; especially children. For myself, I grew up in the 1980s, within a very conservative household. After years of viewing porn, by the time I was a teen, and went off to college, I had become a very liberal Democratic bordering upon Libertarianism. I hated anything which attempted, legitimately or not, to curtail my so-called freedoms; this included the Catholic Church. What is certainly taking place in this Nation, and the last election is a case in point, that any morally-centered candidate can not win; thanks to porn

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gay Porn at the Vatican

The Slovakia based gay porn production company, Bel Ami, has released the first installment in a series of films entitled: “Scandal at the Vatican.” The premise: a group of young men seduce a Catholic priest. If that isn’t bad enough, while shooting the movie in Rome, the star, dressed as a priest, duped the Pope into giving him a blessing; all which was captured on film.

I thought about whether or not to share this information with my readers. I hate to give the devil any free publicity. But, I also believe that this horrible abuse, must be brought out into the open. All of you who buy pornography: this is the type of blasphemies you are funding. You are responsible. Do you want this tied to your name when you go before the Lord? Do you want this as a legacy? 

The Pornification of Children

Porn mega-star Jesse Jane

Bratz doll

Child's costume

I pray everyone is aware of what I am trying to illustrate here. The direct line from porn star, to children's toy, to little girl's costume, is clearly drawn. The porn industry, with the help of the industrial complex of trash-spewing corporations, are grooming the future generation of porn actors and consumers.  

The Folded Under Pressure Award for 2012: UPS

United Parcel Service (UPS) said earlier this month that it would stop giving money to the Boy Scouts of America because of the group's decision to continue its longtime policy of prohibiting homosexuals from serving as Scout leaders. UPS pulled the plug on the Boy Scouts in response to an online petition drive posted at that attracted some 80,000 signatures pressuring the company to stop its funding. 

The Vatican on Gay Marriage

L’Osservatore Romano, the official newspaper of the Holy See, printed a front page editorial on Monday titled “Marriage Is Not a Contract.” Here is an excerpt:
Saying that marriage between a woman and a man is equal to that between two homosexuals is, in fact, a denial of the truth that affects one of the basic structures of human society, the family. We cannot base a society on these foundations without then paying a very high price as happened in the past when there was an attempt to achieve total economic and social equality. Why repeat the same mistake and chase after an unattainable utopia?
Truer words have never been written. For in the gay universe, according to my own observations, they have collectively lulled themselves into a false sort of symbiotic psychosis. They believe the lies they spew, and, unfortunately, self-serving politicians, who are only interested in maintaining their power, feed their delusions by promising salvation on earth. 

Another Dead Porn Star

Gay porn film star Josh Weston passed away on December 16th due to HIV-related complications at the age of 39. Porn studio, Hot House, confirmed the sad new. May you rest in peace.
God bless you, Josh.

Porn Takes Over...The World!

The amount of porn populating the web is so shockingly large right now, that according to data just released from XXX-rated search engine, collectively we’ve watched more than 1.2 million years of it in the last six years – and that’s just on two websites. PornWatchers looked at the collected data from two of the largest adult websites on the web, and, and what they found is horrifying:
The analyzed tube sites contain 735,000 porn videos. The average watch time of the videos is 11 minutes. Users could watch 16 years of porn movies in a row without watching a single video twice.
Summed up, the sites reach 93 Billion views by their users so far, that makes 15 thousand views on every human on earth. The average number of views per video is 127,720.
This makes up for an incredible number of 1.2 Million years of accumulated time spent for watching porn just on these two tube sites.
The websites collected 158 Million ratings from the users. In average 63% of the users rate a video positive. There are more than 7.5 Million comments posted under videos.

The growth of these sites seems to know no ending. They started in 2006 with about 150 videos and grow by 22,000 new videos every month.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Homosexuals Publish Their Own Bible

With every passing day, I am more and more saddened by the actions of my homosexual brothers and sisters. They continue their fretless wanderings for some sacred pathway to the Divine that always ends with the subversion of the Truth; that will eventually lead only to hell itself. The legalization of gay marriage, etc, will not heal the pain in their souls. Only the love of Our Lord Jesus Christ will do that. And not the corrupted Jesus displayed in this book. He is not real! My dear brothers, give all your woundedness and hurt inner torments to Our Lord. He is the Way.

A book that is said to be the world's first “gay bible” has been published to coincide with the debate on same-sex marriage. Titled the 'Queen James Bible', its editors claim that it is a re-working of the King James Bible translated in a way that “prevents homophobic misinterpretation of God's Word.” “Homosexuality was first overtly mentioned in the Bible in 1946 in the Revised Standard Version. There is no mention of or reference to homosexuality in any Bible prior to this - only interpretations have been made,” the book's official website said. The publication, printed and bound in the US, is timed to coincide with the current debate over same-sex marriage.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Fr. Paul Scalia: Catholic Man of the Year

Fr. Paul Scalia, the son of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, has been eloquently speaking out against the forced conversion of our children into the gay lifestyle by the ever pressing media and the homosexual rights lobbyists. He is truly a courageous man of God. And being the son of a Supreme Court Justice, has only made him a huge target for the haters and rabid gay cultists. Being one of the former, myself, fifteen years ago, I also would have truly loathed this man. For within the stunted world of gay heterodoxy, there is no room for any dissenting voices; no matter how kind and charitable. All must be destroyed. But as I have been trying to explain for years, Father argues that the sexual impulse does not define the person. Only, in the false universe of homosexuality: it does just that. It is your sole purpose for living. As always, we need to approach these people with love and try to make them come to terms with the idea that they are more than a sexual proclivity. They are a human being, loved by God.
Fr. Scalia in his own words:
“Granted, the more accurate phrases do not trip easily off the tongue. But what is lost in efficiency is gained in precision. Terms such as ‘same-sex attractions’ and ‘homosexual inclinations’ express what a person experiences without identifying the person with those attractions. They both acknowledge the attractions and preserve the freedom and dignity of the person. With that essential distinction made, parents can better oppose the attractions without rejecting the child. And as the child matures, he will not find his identity confined to his sexuality.
Further, opposition to homosexual attractions and actions makes sense only when it is rooted in the full truth of human sexuality. Gay school groups gain approval and support partly because heterosexual unchastity (contraception, masturbation, premarital sex, adultery, and all the rest) has compromised so many. Our culture’s deliberate separation of sex from procreation has destroyed our ability to articulate a coherent explanation of sexual ethics. Parents and educators have damaged the tools that would allow them to explain why homosexual activity is wrong.”

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Countdown: The 5 Best Portrayals of Jesus on Film

1. James Caviezel in The Passion of the Christ
Although he was backed up with an incredible director and script, this could have gone so wrong. But Caviezel gives a restrained performance that is nevertheless powerful and unforgettable. The actor disappears, and all that remains is the image of whom he represents. Incredible.

2. Jeffrey Hunter in King of Kings
Hunter was able to accomplish the tricky feat of both portraying Christ as God and man. He is elevated, but we understand Him. He is God, but approachable.

3. Max von Sydow in The Greatest Story Ever Told
Unlike, Hunter, von Sydow slightly missed the mark and is a bit too removed. But he completely captured the gentle, but also power, strength of Our Lord.

4. Christian Bale in Mary, Mother of Jesus
In a film that is sadly riddled with blatant inaccuracies, Bale gives a masculine performance that is studied and solid. I hope one day, with a different project, he can get another chance at playing Jesus.

5. Robert Powell in Jesus of Nazareth
Probably the best, over all, film ever made about Christ. However, Powell’s performance is distant and icy. Jesus remains somewhat aloof. Regardless, he does give us a glimpse of Jesus’ calm assuredness.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Another Name Goes on the Butcher's Bill: 20 year old Porn Star Dead

Florida-based Porn Star Katie King committed suicide on December 7th
Katie’s last tweet read: “When it hits, it hits hard. reality...” 
 May she rest in peace. 

Reality Check: Life Teen, Get a Life!

I do not understand this organization (Life Teen.) Are they trying to be cool? From what I have observed: they seem to continually miss the mark. This is an example of just being gross. I sent this as a reply to a Facebook posting they made recommending different Christmas gifts. The bouncing Jesus figure is in terribly bad taste. I thought it was a joke, until I clicked the highlighted links; and they actually took you to the item for sale on Amazon. Bizarre.
Some of the items your recommend on here are not witty or funny, they are crass and commercial. They foster a dismissive attitude towards Christ and religious objects. As a former porn actor, I indelibly understand the incredible power of images; and those items which claim to represent Christ must always be approached with caring and sensitivity to Our Lord’s Divine Nature.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Generation XXX: STDs on a Rapid Rise

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's annual report on sexually transmitted diseases, which tracks cases of the three reportable STDs: chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis - young people and gay and bisexual men continue to be most affected by STDs. In 2011, gay and bisexual men made up nearly three-quarters, or 72 percent, of all cases of syphilis. Young people had the most cases of chlamydia and gonorrhea, the CDC report found. If left untreated, gonorrhea and chlamydia cause infertility, and syphilis can lead to serious long-term complications, including brain, heart and organ damage. People with any of these diseases are at greater risk for infection with human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Former Gay Porn Star Tells: How to Combat the Demons of Porn

Fr. Christopher Crotty on the Holy Spirit

The Descent of the Holy Spirit, Francesco de Mura
I attended a Mass last night at St. Eugene's in Santa Rosa, where Fr. Christopher Crotty, C.P.M. was preaching a Mission. One of the wonderful points he made in his homily concerned the representation of Pentecost in the visual arts. He argued that the often repeated image of the perfectly staid Our Lady and the Apostles, with neat little “Bic lighters” above their heads is erroneous. He pointed to the mighty wind which accompanied the Descent of the Holy Spirit, as being more than capable of extinguishing those weak flames. He likened the event to a huge firestorm of radiant heat that literally blasted the Apostles off of their feet. I can somewhat concur to Father's assertion, as when the Lord saved me, I was in a hospital emergency room at the time, I felt as if I had been hit by a bus. I could not speak for hours. It was like getting thrown off a horse.
I looked for a painting that represented what Father was describing. The one that best fit the ideal, was Francesco de Mura's; a famous Italian Baroque artist, Descent of the Holy Spirit. Some of the Apostles seemed to be blinded, while the others grovel and kneel. The heavens open up above. Its completely ecstatic. Father related these dramtic postures to Moses approaching the “burning bush.” And I must also submit that Baroque Art is the perfect vehicle to transfer these types of emotions, as even the somewhat stodgy Evelyn Waugh commented that he was converted through the Baroque. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Porn and the Priest Sex Abuse Scandal: The Connection?

A judge on Monday (12/10/12) ordered the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles to turn over to the court the top-secret files it has kept for decades on dozens of priests accused of sex abuse, bringing the documents closer to public scrutiny. The order by Superior Court Judge Emilie Elias came five years after more than 550 alleged victims reached a record-breaking, $660 million settlement with the archdiocese that also called for the public unsealing of the confidential files. Individual priests have been fighting to keep the records closed, but the California Supreme Court declined to intervene earlier this year after a lower court decision in a related case cleared the way for the release of the documents. Elias gave the archdiocese until Dec. 27 to give her the files on 69 priests to review and then set a hearing for early January to consider arguments from priests who want to keep their files private.
This story caused me to wonder about something: What role did pornography play in the Catholic Priest/Child Sex Abuse Scandal? First, I did just a random search through Google and found countless cases (past and present) in which the possession of legal pornography and illegal child porn was a major factor in the later sexual assault of children by priests. I think the problem is more widespread than previously believed. Although this is also anecdotal, I recall listening to an interview with Dr. Judith Reisman, who served as an adviser to the USCCB, and she recommended that they severe all ties to some rather progressive psychologists, who towed the Kinsey-child sexuality line, that the Bishops hired as consultants. From what I ascertained, they did that. Secondly, I went to the USCCB Web-site; which is voluminous. I did find this interesting study: “The Causes and Context of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Priests in the United States, 1950-2010;” A Report Presented to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops by the John Jay College Research Team. The lead investigator has a very impressive background in Criminal Justice. Although, the study is incredibly thorough, it is completely secular in approach and methodology; which is one of its strengths, but also a weakness. For it reflects the mindset of the Bishops in the US during the time-period, who incessantly sought out psychological solutions for priests who sexually abused. For the most part, their reliance on science, blew up in their face. I actually found this passage very telling: “Homosexual men entered the seminaries in noticeable numbers from the late 1970s through the 1980s. This statement is based on the direct experience and reports of seminary faculty and on many written reports by observers.” This era saw the greatest jump in sex abuse by priests. As I have continually tried to uncover, pornography is indelibly linked to the homosexual culture; and this form of porn is often youth based; where older men seduce the younger. And here is the key finding: “Priests who used pornography post-ordination were more likely to have post-ordination sexual behavior. These priests were also more likely than priests who did not use pornography post-ordination to participate in sexual behavior with both adults and minors.” The problem is: the resolutions suggested in the study do not contain the spiritual. These priests are most-likely possessed (through porn) by demonic entities; no amount of therapy will clear that up. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Porn: The Throne of Satan

Before I got into the porn industry, I fell in with a group of occultists, witches, and satanists. One of my favorite forms of divination became the Tarot Cards. Thanks to my friend Shelley Lubben, here is the devil’s Tarot Card. He sits upon a throne with a chained naked man and women below. The porn industry is Satan’s domain, it is his altar. Watch porn and pray to the devil.


Another Government Official Gets Nabbed for Child Porn

Albert Abrams resigned last year as president of the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners of Los Angeles, a seven-member panel that oversees dozens of neighborhood councils. On the board's website, Abrams had said he worked on the broadcast media campaigns of President Jimmy Carter and Sens. Robert Kennedy and Al Gore. He also had a public relations business. During the search of Abrams' home, authorities said they found thousands of pictures and videos of suspected child pornography on his computer and hard drives that he collected for more than a decade. Among them were images depicting bondage and sadomasochism.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber Prep Kids for Satanic Porn

Miley Cyrus, who is quickly replacing Katy Perry as the most efficient advocate for the porn industry, performed a song over the weekend alongside a stripper at her DJ collaborator’s show “Christmas Creampies.” For those who have never been stuck in the filth of pornography, a creampie is porn jargon for an internal ejaculation. I won’t even get into the fact that they combined this sick degeneration of the conjugal act with the date of Our Lord’s birth. Let me tell you all, right now, the devil is running unmasked in this nation because he knows that no one is standing up to him. In a similar story, kiddie-pop King Justin Bieber has begun to grab his crotch in front of his drooling pre-teen fans. Reminds me of the pedophilic charades by the late Michael Jackson. It’s all about grooming. Getting the kids desensitized to sexual promiscuity. Prepares their corpses for the sacrificial altar to hell. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Blessed Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Porn is Like Pollen

I receive a number of letters from people who are tired about my constant rantings on the porn issue. They don’t want to read it. They claim that neither themselves nor their children watch porn. If that is true, I congratulate them. But I also respond with this: Porn is like pollen. As a nation we are releasing an incredible amount of filth. The environmental cultists are terribly worried about the pollutants being discharged into our air and water; but what amount of psychological garbage we are spewing? The pollen spores of porn, go everywhere. We do not know upon whom they will land and stick. They could come to fall on another Ted Bundy. Perhaps, your children are not being exposed to porn, but others are. And one day, they may murder your innocent kids; all in the name of porn.  

Another UK Study on Children and Porn

Another informative study has been completed in the UK, concerning the impact of Internet porn on children. I repeat, where are the US studies? According to the British report, more than four in ten parents say that their children have been exposed to internet porn. Almost 1/3 say their sons or daughters have received sexually explicit emails or texts. The frightening insights are contained in a round-up of responses to a Department for Education consultation on parental internet controls.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Gay Marriage, Incest, and Porn

A mother and daughter in Florida have begun a porn web-site in which they perform various sex acts together. The daughter acknowledges the mother-daughter porn is enjoyable. “I enjoy the sex and I enjoy being with my mom,” she said. “During the scenes, I think about how we're going to be filthy rich.” This comes on the heals of another sick story: an aspiring porn star who photographed and recorded an incestuous affair with her own father. Currently, I know of one father and son who jointly appear in heterosexual films. When I was involved with porn, 3 brothers appeared in several gay films, but like the mother daughter team above, since incest is illegal in the US, never interacted with each other. Now, I know of two sets of identical twins who have sex on film. All of their movies have been made in Eastern Europe. With the present push for gay marriage, I see the pornography industry waiting to exploit a new deviance. It’s only a matter of time. It will redefine everything. And for this reason, gay marriage is about much more than gay marriage.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

American Psychiatric Association Says NO to Sex Addiction

Despite recent strides in “sex addiction” research, the condition does not make the cut as an official psychiatric disorder, according to the American Psychiatric Association. On December 1, the APA approved the latest version of its mental health handbook known as the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5.) The manual includes several new disorders such as hoarding and binge eating. But guidance for diagnosing and treating sex addiction, formally known as hypersexual disorder, won't be included. Although the manual has an appendix that includes “provisional” conditions requiring further research, hypersexual disorder will not appear in this section either.
My first comment: the APA is a completely bogus organization, since 1973, when homosexuality was eliminated from the DSM. They folded under particularly virulent political and social pressure coming from the gay community. Secondly, the APA is on-board, and indebted, to the sexual revolution, so they certainly will not promote any treatment from the ill-affects of those ruined by the promiscuity they declare as normal. They are far from impartial. They have the blood of many young gay men, who died from AIDS, on their hands. 

The Porn Industry and Washington D.C.

An FBI analyst has been arrested following an undercover Internet sting and charged with distributing child pornography. The analyst is accused of sending the images and videos to a man he befriended in an Internet chat room often used by people who have a sexual interest in children. However, the man's new online friend was a D.C. police detective. This man worked out of the FBI Headquarters in downtown D.C., was arrested last week by members of a joint FBI-D.C. police child exploitation task force.
In a related story, last year, Attorney General Eric Holder declined to file charges against a federal prosecutor with child pornography found on his work computer. The finding against the Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) was made by the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG). According to the Inspector General’s report, the AUSA admitted to spending a significant amount of time each day viewing porn at work.
Lastly, AVN, Adult Video News, the mouthpiece for the porn industry, had this to say about Holder possibly staying on during Obama's second term: “having Holder on board at least gives us some reason to believe that gratuitous prosecutions of the industry will not take place on his watch...Holder did disband the Obscenity Prosecution Task Force, which had been founded in 2005 at the urging of social conservatives, charged with investigating and prosecuting producers and distributors of hardcore porn who met the test for obscenity...Like we said, a mixed bag, but one that still looks a whole lot better than the one Romney had in mind.”
These articles, taken as a whole, and the 2010 Child Porn Scandal at the Pentagon, where 250 civilian and military employees of the Defense Department - including some with the highest available security clearance - who used credit cards or PayPal to purchase images of child porn, has me wondering if there is not a cabal of child porn devotees and pedophiles within the US Government. This would make sense, as our leaders and lawmakers have been unwilling to curb the porn explosion of the last decade. For, if they prosecute the main-stream pornographers, they would also cut-into the neighboring sphere of child porn. Its all interconnected.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Star Trek Goes Where No Gay Has Gone Before

George Takei. the former Star Trek star and pop-culture fan favorite is coming to Riverdale in the pages of Archie Comics' Kevin Keller No. 6, out today. Kevin Keller, the company's popular gay character, is a Takei fan and the catalyst that brings the actor and his husband, Brad, into the comic. As an advocate for LGBT affairs, just like Kevin in his comic, Takei felt his appearance would be a wonderful way to reach young people who may be isolated because of their family beliefs and communities.
This is just another example of kiddie brain-washing by the progressive controlled entertainment complex. It also reveals that the Star Trek franchise is going through a subtle, and not-too-subtle, transformation into a catch-all propaganda machine for every subcultural movement. For example, Zachary Quinto “came out” in a media-splash last year. He played Spock in the new Star Trek movie. Actor Chris Pine (Captain Kirk) in the same Star Trek reboot, made a very public appearance at the Gay Pride parade in New York. Personally, I do not care so much what these people do, but, here, it seems to take on the trappings of an organized effort. 

Catholics are Into Gay Marriage

Roman Catholic voters are more accepting of gay marriage than other Americans, according to a new poll released today (12/5/12.) While same sex unions are approved by 48% to 46% overall, Catholics give them the thumbs-up by 49% to 43%, the survey from Quinnipiac University found.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

In Porn: Evil Never Dies

Hugh Hefner, 86, is engaged to his much younger, 26, girlfriend. Reminds me of a great scene in the otherwise awful 1970s horror film The Legacy: when Katherine Ross is seduced in to marring an ancient satanic warlock. In porn, evil always feeds upon the young; keeping itself preserved.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Experts Say Porn Causes Impotency in the Male: Like Duh!

Sexperts are reporting a spike in the number of men with a dangerous addiction to online porn, which is affecting their relationships with their partners. According to Ian Kerner, sex therapist, easy access to highly graphic sexual content has caused 'Sexual Attention Deficit Disorder' or SADD. He defines this as becoming so accustomed to high levels of visual sex and stimulation from internet porn that you are unable to focus on real sex with a real person.