Friday, November 30, 2012

Modern Masculinity: Fragmenation and Redemption

While driving to work, I kept thinking about the statement made the Judge (from the previous blog entry) who was caught watching porn on the job. He said: It [porn addiction] had absolutely no effect on the hundreds of decisions I made as a judge.” This got me thinking about a problem I just started to delve into, many years ago, when I left my doctoral studies: the fragmentation of masculinity in modern society. What do I mean by fragmentation? Here, I am referring to the self dismemberment of men's lives into isolated cubicles: family, career, intimacy, sexuality, emotions. This is particularly evident in the concept that the Judge maintains: that a man's private life is completely separate from the other aspects of his being. For example, a man can have an extramarital affair while sustaining a healthy “other” life with a wife and children at home. Of course, this never works. Now, men have sequestered themselves with the Internet and the fantasy of pornography. They try to keep the two worlds apart. Until their wives find out. Women can not play this game. I was always amazed, overhearing my female friends talking among themselves, at how detailed and intimate women's conversations become. Women are self-contained. They can bring forth life; they never need to seek. Men are restless. When they are with other men, they tend stick to the surface: sports, politics, work. This is partially the way the sexes are wired; and nothing to do with the pop-psych theories of social conditioning. But it is my contention that modern stresses have caused men to pull themselves into different pieces. I find this evident in two famous works of Art: The Vitruvian Man by da Vinci and The Briar Wood by Burne-Jones. For da Vinci, and his time, there is no conflict between man and the Universe. Man is a whole being. By the time Burne-Jones is working, the modern industrialized world it just beginning to take it's toll on males. In The Briar Wood, the once immortal knights, representing the past of masculinity, are languid and blasted into bits; their once mighty armor strewn about the thorn bushes. Their obsession with the supremely narcissistic and immobile eroticism of Sleeping Beauty stifles their manliness and tears them into distinct competing entities. But there is always hope: for few have gotten masculinity as right as Blessed Pope John Paul II. From his early childhood, he was forced to dig deep into the divine male bonding of man with God; this was also reflected in the intensely close relationship he had with his father. John Paul became a whole man; he knew that it all flowed from the Father. It was not out there, but right inside.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Satanic Porn Citadel in San Francisco Opens to the Public

Porn mega-powerhouse production company, which is headquartered in the famous San Francisco Armory Building, is now offering guided tours of their studio facility. They also provide “workshops” on various BDSM topics. Only in San Francisco. I can not go into detail here, but much of what they sell has demonic ties. Looking at some of their materiel, its an instant prescription for immediate Satanic possession. bought the Armory property back in 2006. Kink founder Peter Acworth, a former finance PhD at Columbia University, expressed gratitude to San Francisco for allowing his operation to flourish inside such a notable setting. “There are a few cities where I could have been successful...But I don't know if any would have been progressive enough to allow us to buy a registered historic landmark as our center of operations."

Porn-Tube Sites: A New Conduit to Hell

I have not been a porn user or involved in the pornography industry for almost 15 years, back then, you had to purchase a video-cassette or DVD either through the mail or at a store location. Continually, the one aspect of the contemporary porn business that never ceases to amaze me is: the current ease of access to hardcore. The porn “Tube” phenomena is particularly fascinating. When I first came across literature about porn-Tube, I was like: What's that? For all those who are equally unplugged from porn:
So called porn-Tube sites, named after the ever popular user-generated YouTube, are free content sharing sites that specialize in pornography. Just as YouTube, the porn-Tube sites operate in the same manner: users are allowed to up-load any video they choose. This results in a massive amount of pirated content being available to view for free. These sites are obligated by law to take-down material that they know is copyrighted. The problem: content is uploaded so quickly, and at such great volume, that it is impossible to keep up with the onrushing flow of videos.
In my world, the scary aspect of these sites are those that finance them: the big-name multi-billion dollar porn-pushers; i.e AEBN and Manwin. These companies also operate their colossal money-making sites which make up some of the busiest traffic areas on the Internet. Therefore, in my estimation, these so-called porn-Tube sites are nothing but conduits to hell. They hook children into pornography, get them excited about it, then leave them wanting more. At the pay-per-view sites, they can find even greater evil to corrupt their minds. Imagine, someone handing out cigarettes or little bottles of liquor to children. Would we stand for that? But that is exactly what happens in cyber-space everyday. The pornographers are giving children a taste; hoping to make them addicts. More customers to reap in more money.  

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Brave (Gay) New World

Following a series of challenges to “ex-gay” reparative therapy practices across the country, Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier (Calif.) introduced a resolution this morning urging Congress to condemn what has been characterized as junk science by the mainstream medical community. At her Nov. 28 press conference on Capitol Hill, Speier announced the resolution, calling on states to follow California's lead, which recently outlawed so-called conversion therapy for minors at the hands of licensed therapists. Titled "Stop Harming Our Kids" (SHOK), the resolution seeks to protect minors from “these snake-oil salesmen” who attempt to alter sexual orientation or gender identity.
Hello...hello...calling Ms. Speier. If you think that gay reparative therapy is junk science: What about hypnosis, diet programs, vitamins, potency supplements, drug and alcoholic rehabilitation, so on and so on? Better outlaw all of those too. Its none of her business what type of mental health practitioners people seek. This woman is a lap-dog for the gay agenda. They say roll-over, and she obeys. Homosexual advocates don’t want any of your children turning away from the gay lifestyle. They have spent too much time and money brainwashing children through the governmental bureaucracy, education and the media, that homosexuality is a preferable alternative. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More Kid-Friendly Porn

Porn studio X-Play will release an X-rated version of the South Park animated series in 2013. They already produced The Flintstones: A XXX Parody. Also in stores from X-Play during the first quarter of 2013, following the release of Not South Park XXX, will be Love Boat XXX and the epic Wizard of Oz XXX.
I have described these sicko endeavors of the porn industry ad nauseam, but we must never forget who the porn-pushers have in their sights: your children. They are the future porn customers. The porn industry’s plan: hook them in early with “kid-friendly” titles; make them believe that porn is completely normal (here they have already succeeded;) fully program porn into the collective unconscious. So far, it’s working.

Finally Some Hard-core Data on Internet Hardcore

According to the web-site Google’s DoubleClick Ad Planner, which tracks users across the web with a cookie, dozens of adult destinations populate the top 500 websites. Xvideos, the largest porn site on the web with 4.4 billion page views per month, is three times the size of CNN or ESPN. YouPorn, the second largest porn site, hosts “over 100TB of porn”, and serves “over 100 million” page views per day. At peak time, YouPorn serves 4000 pages per second, equating to burst traffic in the region of 100 gigabytes per second, or 800Gbps. This is equivalent to transferring more than 10 dual-layer DVDs every second. It’s probably not unrealistic to say that porn makes up 30% of the total data transferred across the internet. 

HIV Infections Up Among the Youth: Thank you Porn!

Health officials say 1 in 5 new HIV infections occur in a tiny segment of the population — young men who are gay or bisexual. Today, the government released new numbers that spotlight how the spread of the AIDS virus is heavily concentrated in young males who have sex with other males. Only about a quarter of new infections in the 13-to-24 age group are from injecting drugs or heterosexual sex. Overall, new U.S. HIV infections have held steady at around 50,000 annually. About 12,000 are in teens and young adults, and most youth with HIV haven't been tested.
And from whom are they contacting the disease? I would contend that most are infected with the HIV virus from older gay men. Speaking from experience, these young guys who are breaking into the gay lifestyle often do so with the images of gay porn flickering through their head. Nowadays, the biggest trend in pornography, gay and straight, is bareback sex, or intercourse without the use of a condom. This is most often combined with violent acts of sodomy. Porn is a lie. It presents a glamorous and carefree picture of indiscriminate sex; with no consequences. Unfortunately, for many, after being used-up by the trolling homosexual population, it is often too late. For there is a sickly vampiristic cycle which occurs in the gay community. They consistently feed upon those who are entering their sphere. Later, the sought becomes the seeker, and it all plays over again. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Porn Drops a Big Bomb: We are all so Happy! Part 2

The so-called academic study backed by The Adult Industry Medical Associates reminded me of a magazine cover from the 1950s (my favorite era) gossip rag, Confidential. The headline screams: Cigarettes Do Not Cause Cancer! These studies were widely accepted at the time, although they were funded by big tobacco. Now, we all know the truth. In the case of porn, the body count has just not gotten high enough for people to take notice. How many had to die before smoking was accepted as a risky behavior? How many will have to die in porn?

Porn Drops a Big Bomb: We are all so Happy!

A new American study has claimed that female porn stars are psychologically as healthy or healthier than other women, challenging widely held views about women in the adult entertainment business. This is absolute lunacy. Just look at who funded the bogus research: Dr. Sharon Mitchell, a former porn star, current porn advocate, and Kinsey trained sexologist. She is certainly not impartial here, as her business is indebted to the porn industry for its very existence. Also, who are these women? Are they still actively involved in the porn industry? Reminds me of the wacky Kinsey research: unverifiable. According to the report, the researchers compared data taken from 177 adult entertainment actresses with a sample of women matched for age, marital status and other factors. Speaking from experience, it is very difficult to come to terms with one’s past, especially when you are dealing with a career in the porn industry. While I was in porn, I thought it was wonderful. I even believed that I was an artist, creating the great masterpieces of the future. These people are ill and victimized. Many are not even mentally able to admit their past abuse. They are traumatized and shell-shocked. The real people in the study (the control) were not actors, they probably told the truth. They didn’t have anything to hide.

Link to original article:

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ke$ha: Another Porn Portal for Kids

Just finished watching the video for Die Young by Ke$ha. Actually, I didn’t finish it, because, in the first few seconds, I understood exactly what she was trying to do. Well, what can I say? First off, the video is soft-core, bordering on hard-core simulation pornography. And to make things even more sick, she starts out by smashing the doors of an old church, and then dances like a possessed Goth wanna-be in front of a Satanic pentagram. The constant flashes to writhing bodies of hetero. and homosexual pairings is ugly and surprisingly boring and staged, as is most porn. Again, as I have already written about Katy Perry, this auto-tuned non-talent is particularly popular with the teen and pre-teen set. Let's all just turn her off; tik tok, your time is up Ke$ha.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Devil's Own Porn Company; I Was Shocked How Blatant "he" Is.

The more I delve into porn the sicker it gets. I have to admit, when I was involved in pornography, there was a much more insular quality to it. There were certainly fans, watchers, and collectors. And there was also a fair share of cross-over stars: the tragic Savannah (who committed suicide in 1994) immediately comes to mind, but I can not recall the level of pop-culture saturation that is currently taking place between the so-called main-stream media and the porn world. Case in point: a porn production company named Devil Film Parodies, just released a hard-core version of the last Twilight film titled: This Isn't Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2, A XXX Parody. It's incredibly clear who their target audience is: children. And it's not tough to access this stuff. I went to the companies web-site, and although they do have an age verification gateway, it is all smoke and mirrors, as you can easy just push the ENTER button. But what I find most disturbing is the name of the porn company: Devil Film Parodies. Do you need any more proof who is behind this. Satan is not even hiding. People are so hooked in, that he can nakedly push his agenda, right in front of us. 

Porn, Possession, and Mental Illness

During the early-boom of adult films in the 1980s, Hyapatia Lee was a sensation and the first porn star of Native American ancestry. At the peak of her career she starred in top grossing films and was a popular pin-up fantasy girl featured in dozens of magazines, including the all-time best selling issue of Penthouse. But the fantasy was far from reality. Before she became a sex star, Hyapatia Lee was as an innocent girl named Vicki who endured years of emotional and sexual abuse. As a result, she developed multiple personalities and was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Th porn star Hyapatia Lee emerged as one of seven distinct personalities inhabiting the same body. “Vicki doesn't know what Hyapatia does and Hyapatia has no idea what Vicki does,” she states. “One time I made an appearance as Hyapatia Lee and then blacked out. When I woke up as Vicki, I had no recollection of what I had done or what happened. It was horrifying.”
According to Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea in his authoritative book Interview with an Exorcist, “Demons can tempt us, and they sometimes do so in a continuous way with great intensity. As such, a demon could provoke an obsession, phobia, depression, or another type of mental illness in a person. This can seriously disturb a person's ordinary life to the point of making him unbalanced.” Those who have been sexually abused as children are especially susceptible to demonic incursion. Speaking from my own experience, evil entered my life at a very young age when I first became exposed to pornography, ironically Hyapatia was one of my favorite porn stars as a kid. And during most of my time in porn, I suffered from severe mental problems that were continually misdiagnosed by well-meaning doctors. For years, I was loaded down with numerous prescription pills. Only when a priest performed a deliverance over me, was I freed from the last grasp of Satan’s clutches.

God Save the UK: More Porn Studies from England

Another solid study on the impact of porn has emerged from the UK. A new report has found that thousands of children in England are at high risk of sexual exploitation, and in half the cases, the impact of online porn is to be blamed. The study by Sue Berelowitz, the deputy children's commissioner, into sexual exploitation by urban gangs found that the “use and impact” of pornography was a major factor in 48% of interviews with abuse victims and perpetrators. So much for porn being a victimless crime. And our children are paying the heaviest price. But my question has always been, with all this data coming out of the UK on porn: Where are the American researchers? The problem must be ten-fold here. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Virtual Child Porn is Legal in the USA

 I am going to try to make this simple for everyone by going through the different court cases that led us to the ugly and evil world in which child pornography is legal in the USA.

Simulated (Virtual) child pornography, specifically computer generated images which are very realistic, was made initially illegal in the United States with the Child Pornography Prevention Act (CPPA) of 1996. The CPPA was short-lived. In 2002, the Supreme Court decided in Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition, holding that the relevant portions of the CPPA were unconstitutional because they prevented lawful speech. The court stated that “the CPPA prohibits speech that records no crime and creates no victims by its production. Virtual child pornography is not 'intrinsically related' to the sexual abuse of children.” The PROTECT Act of 2003 didn’t help much, as the law does not explicitly state that images of fictional beings who appear to be under 18 engaged in sexual acts that are not deemed to be obscene are rendered illegal in and of their own condition (illustration of sex of fictional minors). The law was then gutted with the ruling of United States v. Williams. Here, the Supreme Court stated that “an offer to provide or request to receive virtual child pornography is not prohibited by the statute. A crime is committed only when the speaker believes or intends the listener to believe that the subject of the proposed transaction depicts real children. It is simply not true that this means a protected category of expression [will] inevitably be suppressed. Simulated child pornography will be as available as ever.” Sick stuff. Its also helpful to know that the major backer of the Free Speech Coalition is the American porn industry.

Raquel Welch Blasts the Sexual Revolution

When I was a little boy, I remember sitting glued to the TV whenever the Raquel Welch film One Million Years B.C. showed up for yet another rebroadcast. She was really breath-taking. Back in the 1960s, the fur bikini that she wore in the film caused a stir, but I still believe that it never goes over the line into pornography. Like Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe, and Sophia Loren, who arrived before her, she glorified the female form in the movie, never vulgarized or sexualized it. But she too, as with most of the 50s and 60s bombshells, later fell into decadence by going for cheap thrills, in Welch's case with her appearance in the dreadful Myra Breckenridge, or by appearing in Playboy. Now, Welch has come to terms with her past, and the era she helped to mold. Although this piece appeared in 2010, I never heard about it, as it must not have been given much press. Its a great article, although I do not agree with all her points, here is my favorite section:

“As a result of the example set by their elders, by the 1990s teenage sexual promiscuity -- or hooking up -- with multiple partners had become a common occurrence. Many of my friends who were parents of teenagers sat in stunned silence several years ago when it came to light that oral sex had become a popular practice among adolescent girls in middle schools across the country. The 13-year-old daughter of one such friend freely admitted to performing fellatio on several boys at school on a regular basis. "Aw come on, Mom. It's no big deal. Everyone is doing it," she said. Apparently, since it's not the act of intercourse, kids don't count it as sex. Can any sane person fail to make a judgment call about that? Seriously, folks, if an aging sex symbol like me starts waving the red flag of caution over how low moral standards have plummeted, you know it's gotta be pretty bad. In fact, it's precisely because of the sexy image I've had that it's important for me to speak up and say: Come on girls! Time to pull up our socks! We're capable of so much better.”

Monday, November 19, 2012

Porn Creates Children of the Damned

Figures obtained by the UK magazine The Daily Mail under a Freedom of Information request, highlight growing concerns about the influence of online pornography on impressionable young minds. The numbers were uncovered in a survey of all 52 police sectors across Britain. Of the 39 that responded, 31 sectors had arrested children between the ages of 10 and 13 on suspicion of rape in the past year. Seven said the youngest child arrested for rape was aged just 10 while 6 said the youngest was 11, and 11 sectors said the youngest suspect was 12. According to the figures, 357 children aged 18 and under were found guilty of a range of sex crimes including rape, sexual assaults on other children, grooming, incest and taking or possessing indecent photographs of minors.
As I have repeatedly warned, we are currently creating bigger and badder future serial killers, rapists, and child molesters. Ted Bundy was a prolific butcher, but he merely grew up on trashy detective magazines, soft-core porn, and X-rated loops. He said later that they thoroughly warped his mind and set the stage for the murder sprees that would take the lives of innumerable women. We are now dealing with children who have seen extreme acts of sado-masochism, bestiality, and child pornography. Imagine what these children will do once they have been unleashed upon the world. Reminds me of the ironically similar film, also originating in the UK, the horror-flick Children of the Damned.

Ex-Gay Porn Star Stands Up for Shelley Lubben

I don’t like to get into boxing matches with people, but friends are very dear to me. And Shelley Lubben is a friend. I read several negative accounts about her that have been posted on the Internet, before I even contacted Shelley, and they only made me more resolute in my opinion that this is a good Christian woman: for if you are doing the Lord’s work, many (if not most) people are not going to like you. From my first dealings with Shelley, she has been a true instrument of Christ. She pours out herself to those that reach out for help. This makes her incredibly vulnerable, therefore open to attack. I first met Shelley, and her stalwart husband Garrett, at a San Francisco porn/lifestyle convention, where Shelley and her team were ministering. Well, you can often tell a person’s character by the company they keep, and Shelley’s Pink Cross volunteers are all first-rate: extremely genuine, giving, and humble servants of God. They treated me like one of their own. When Shelley arrived she was fighting a pretty serious illness, but she never complained nor let it slow her down. She just gave of herself. As for any financial irregularities or greediness on this woman’s part: all I saw her do was hand away everything she had: books, cds, gifts, inspiration jewelry, and of course prayers. I didn’t see her make a dime, in fact I was a bit taken-a-back at how extremely generous she was. Shelley also interviewed me that night. Shelley does take charge; although she is never bossy or unkind. She interrupted a lot, but she was guiding and teaching me on how to give a good interview. I learned a tremendous amount, and I thanked her. Shelley can come on strong, but I recognize her passion. Lastly, I had a few drinks with Shelley and the rest of the Pink Cross gang. It was a great moment of sharing food, wine, and friendship. I grew-up in a rich traditional atmosphere of celebration around the table, so I felt at home with Shelley and her friends. Ex-porn stars do not have to be prudes. We love God, but we also love the life that He gave us. Like myself, Shelley is part Italian and we like to express our joy; and sometimes our sadness. She is an open book. As I said before, this sincerity is risky and can often be exploited and ridiculed by others. But I admire Shelley because she does take that leap of Faith. God bless you Shelley. With great love: Joseph.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Twilight Finale and It's Reprehensible Star

The #1 film in the country, by leaps and bounds, is the last film in The Twilight series. I have seen none of them, as I do not find the occult entertaining; since I was a part of the reality, and its not fun in the least. One of the stars, actor Robert Pattinson, remarked that he wouldn't mind reprising his role in a hard-core version of the film. He said, “I have thought about getting into porn a lot. We could do dirty versions of The Twilight films. I particularly like Banging Dawn.” This is heart-breaking on so many levels. This man is near god-like to his fans, especially the pre-teen and teenage girls who adore him. If their dream-man fantasizes about doing porn, then it must be OK. Right? He is also assisting in bringing porn into the normality of conversation: it is now a legitimate career alternative. Kim Kardashian became a cultural phenomena by doing it. His statement is both horrifying and destructive. I knew girls who got into porn because of horrible role models like Madonna. What are we setting up future generations for? 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Saint for Homosexuals

I have been recently reading about St. Charles Lwanga, one of the Ugandan Martyrs, who was burned alive by the pagan King Mwanga in 1886 for refusing to renounce Christianity and for thwarting the King's homosexual machinations at court. St. Charles was particularly brave as he also protected many other young men from the lascivious sovereign. I find the whole story remarkable, for this young man is truly a Saint for our times. As anyone who is even semi-conscious knows, we now live in an age of heedless debauchery: where porn is considered an art form, gay marriage is mandated by law, and children trade nude pictures of themselves as if they were baseball cards. The Church always provides for its faithful. So the time has come for St. Charles Lwanga: Please pray for us.  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

America Becomes a Nation of Child Porn Stars

I can not keep up. Just as I was doing some research on so-called “tube” porn sites, which I will write about at another time, up pops another sicko derivation: “parasite” sites. According to a study by an internet safety non-profit called the Internet Watch Foundation, 88% of sexual photos and videos uploaded by teens are reposted to parasite porn sites. The vast majority of sexualized multimedia uploaded by teens to places like Facebook is lifted and hosted on outside porn sites. Most of the content was never meant to leave social networks. Reams of sexually explicit images and videos are being uploaded by children and young people, the study found. During 47 hours, over a four-week period, a total of 12,224 images and videos were analyzed and logged. The majority of these were then mined by “parasite websites” created for the sole purpose of displaying sexually explicit images and videos of young people. Our kids are becoming a generation of porn stars. But unlike the real porn actors, they are doing it for free. It's sad that this is what we have become: a nation of fame hungry exhibitionists. Sometimes, I say to myself: It cant get any worse. But it always does.

Porn: Training the Next Generation of Serial Killers

Over the past year, I have continually been impressed by the research on pornography and its effect on children that has been coming out of the UK. I have seen no such data emerging from anywhere in the US; the home of almost the world’s entire porn production. Here is a summary of the British research:
+YouGov poll by the End Violence Against Women campaign, which surveyed 800 teenagers found that 29% of 16 to 18-year-old girls had suffered "unwanted sexual touching" at school. Almost as many, 28% said they had seen sexual images on mobile phones at school "a few times a month or more." And 71% said they had heard sexual name-calling at school "daily or a few times a week."
+A study, published by Plymouth University, warned that it was "common practice" for school children to become desensitized to sexual images after accessing explicit images at an early age. According to their findings, the research found that a 1/3 of people aged 16 to 24 found sex with partners difficult because of what they had seen online. The research surveyed 1,000 young people in the UK, with some saying they first watched pornography at the "age of 11 or 12."
+1/3 of more than 500 teachers surveyed by the Times Educational Supplement said that they believed the majority of their pupils aged 16 and under, "regularly" viewed hardcore pornography.
It seems that we are all reaping the harvest which we have sown. Primarily boys, are becoming the next generation of serial killers, homicidal rapists, and child molesters. And these boys, like the porn they watch, will be bigger and badder than anything which has come before them. Now, they are acting out in the school setting. Later, when they are released into he world, they will prey on our wives, sisters, and children.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Disney Sells Porn to Children

The marriage between porn and the main-stream media continues. Disney will release a “Christmas” short animated film which features Minnie Mouse and her friends: Lady Gaga and Sarah Jessica Parker. In this blog, I have already detailed Lady Gaga’s many delvings into porn; specifically the glamorization of prostitution, kidnapping, and the sex trade in the video for “Bad Romance.” If she was not bad enough, Disney is also attaching itself and raising up Sarah Jessica Parker, the seemingly sophisticated actress who became famous by starring in “Sex in the City” which tried to normalize such sexual behavior as bondage, lesbianism, and analingus.
If I had not read about this evil marriage between Disney and the satanic forces of porn, I would not have believed it. But the arms of hell are no longer secretly or stealthfully attempting to brainwash and indoctrinate our children. They are doing it completely out in the open. This is good and bad. It’s good, because parents, who are involved and in the know, will be able to easily keep this filth away from their kids. It’s bad, because, as a society, this type of behavior no longer shocks us. Now, it’s ok, even for children. This is so sick it boggles my mind.

Monday, November 12, 2012

James Bond is Gay? Another Sick Male Role Model for Boys

When I was a teenager, I was a big fan of the James Bond 007 series of films. In the 1970’s and 80s, when I was a kid, Bond was played by Roger Moore. For a young boy, trying to find his masculinity, Moore greatly appealed to me as he was not as aggressively macho as his predecessor, Sean Connery, but he was still completely fearless and he always bagged the babes in every other scene. That was my immature idea of what a real man was. Since Moore’s departure in the late-80s, I grew up, and have never seen another Bond film since. Now, the character, played by Daniel Craig, is dabbling in homosexuality as well as his usual tally of indiscriminate heterosexual encounters. The scene in question sees a gender-bending villain caress Bond's legs and chest as the spy sits tied up in a chair, with 007 ending the scene by asking his foe: “What makes you think this is my first time?” While its bad enough that these films glorify sexual promiscuity, now they are also glamorizing and making acceptable bi-swinging. This film might do to young men what Katy Perry’s evil “I Kissed a Girl” did for pre-teen girls.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Praise for the US Bishops Who Spoke Out for Marriage

My rant for the day: I am sick and tired of Catholics complaining about their priests and Bishops, blaming them for the successes of liberals in various elections. In particular, during this 2012 election cycle, many priests, and especially Bishops, fearlessly put themselves forward into the public arena and spoke openly against abortion and gay marriage. Remember, they do not elect our representatives, we do. It is not their fault, that we will not listen. There are far too many to name, but I would at least like to recognize the three Bishops pictured below. All were named to the episcopate by our beloved Pope Benedict XVI. It took a lot of guts for these three young men to fight against gay marriage, because the hot issue will inevitably create the opportunity for the haters to bring-up the homosexual child abuse scandals. Nevertheless, they got in the direct line of fire because they are secure in their manhood and their vocations. They represent a new and masculine vigor within the US Catholic Church. They are unafraid to be Catholic and to be men of Faith.  
Bishop Joseph Tyson of Yakima.
Bishop Michael Burbidge of Raleigh
Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Ill.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Gayest States of America

The states of Maine, Maryland, and Washington (unconfirmed) approved same-sex marriages, while Minnesota rejected an amendment that would have forbidden them. This very accepting and liberal attitude I trace back to the introduction of gay porn in the US back in the early 1970s. Before that, homosexuals were often relegated to the proverbial closet, seedy nightclubs, and or underground meeting halls. With the advent of the “porn-chic” movement, all forms of sexual activity became less of a mystery. In fact, the first “main-stream” gay porn film: Boys in the Sand, received positive reviews in major periodicals. The following year, the straight film Deep Throat broke records, and then all bets were off. With the first threshold breached, as often happens, Hollywood took notice of what was going on in porn and then started to feature gay story-lines and characters in several major motion-pictures and television shows: Partners, Making Love, 10, Threes Company, Soap, etc. Now, we all live with the ongoing ramifications: hardcore porn addiction, broken marriages, the strange phenomena of childhood sex-changes and coming-out parties, the acceptance of gay marriage, and the continuing rise of AIDS among the youth.

While I am not advocating a return to the pre-Stonewall days of gay-bashing, for the Catholic Church has always advocated that all men, including those with homosexual tendencies, should be loved and respected, the problem is that the entire modern gay movement was founded on principals of sexual freedom, not the freedom of the human person. The act became the signature of gay liberation. When in reality, all became chained to a dependence upon it, not upon their own worth.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

St. Thomas Aquinas, the Devil, and Porn

St. Thomas Aquinas wrote: “...the act of a virtue or vice, that is directed to the end of another virtue or vice, assumes the latter's species: thus, theft committed for the sake of adultery, passes into the species of adultery. Now it is evident that as Augustine states (De Virgin. 8), the observance of chastity, by being directed to the worship of God, becomes an act of religion, as in the case of those who vow and keep chastity. Wherefore it is manifest that lust also, by violating something pertaining to the worship of God, belongs to the species of sacrilege: and in this way sacrilege may be accounted a species of lust.”
When we watch porn we are literally heaping abomination upon abomination. It becomes increasingly depraved. I was initially shocked to see how far porn had gone over the past decade since the time I left it back in 1999. The pornography made in the past, even just a few years ago, becomes like that old TV-show or movie that we saw as a kid, then reviewing it later as an adult, realizing that it wasn’t so spectacular after all. Star Trek: The Television Series was the height of technological achievement in entertainment during the 1960's, now its laughably cheesy. Porn “advances” in the same way; but since it is based upon evil: it becomes increasingly wicked. Now, the words of Thomas Aquinas have solidified into an image (with the onset of demonic desecration porn) lust and sacrilege have formed into one. 

St. Wolfgang and the Devil

Recently I have become fascinated by a particular painting: St. Wolfgang and the Devil by Michael Pacher from 1483. Its beautiful and hideous at the same time. Back when I was studying Art History at Berkeley, I hated Northern Renaissance painting. It lacked the warm tones and exquisite lushness of the Italian Masters. I found the work of the Northerners to be cold and hard; always delineated with stark black lines, bold primary colors, and maniacal attention to molecular detail. Now, I think its remarkable. Pacher's masterpiece is a good example of how the North went on a different artistic course than the South. With the genius of Albrecht Dürer, among others, Northern Europe moved beyond Italy in terms of early print technology. Dürer's engravings, especially those of demonic entities, prove that some things in the universe are just black and white. Also, the North was steeped in the Gothic to a degree never experienced in the South. The bleached-bone, scientific elegance of the soaring cathedrals brought the craftsmanship work ethic; they have none of the lightness or airiness of a Titian; for example, Pacher was also a sculptor. Pacher combines all of these movements in his awesome painting. Wolfgang stands stiff and immobile, like a statue at Chartres. The devil is luridly colored and grotesque. This anticipates the Mannerists of the next Century. He is putrifyingly fleshy and bestial. He is almost pornographic. His worldliness is contrasted to the transcendental consistency of the Saint. He is a gargoyle come to life. The nightmare during the day. Like all great art, it teaches. It touches the emotions and the intellect. It tells the Truth. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

A New Low: Superman in Porn

The lines between porn and the so-called main-stream entertainment media are continuing to blur: former child-star turned non-talent adult, Miley Cyrus, was offered $1 million to appear in a soft-core film; ex-porn star Sascha Grey is continuing to go legitimate with another major film role; Vivid is working on Superman Vs Spider-Man XXX A Porn Parody; and lastly there is a clothing line for babies inspired by the sickly evil and perverted novel Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s sad to admit, but I wonder if we have not already lost an entire generation to this mind-bending filth; my hope now rests with the children who have not yet been exposed.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

St. Michael the Archangel

Saint Michael the Archangel,

defend us in battle;
be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray:
and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host,
by the power of God,
thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits
who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Porn Goes Main-Stream (Again)

E! Online just ran a short article about the renewed trend of porn stars “crossing over” into the main-stream entertainment business. Unfortunately, as the article states, this phenomena is nothing new; they mention Traci Lords as an example, but you could go back even further to someone like the tragic Linda Lovelace. A male porn star, also mentioned in the article gave an interview to another news source, in which he responded to the question: “So when did you decide to do porn?” He said: “Kindergarten. I remember I was walking home one day, and I found this magazine, I don't know, a Hustler or something, with people banging in it. I was enamored by it. I was like, I want to do this. I actually got in trouble in third or fourth grade. They were asking everybody what they wanted to be when they grew up, and I said I wanted to be a porn star. They didn't like that. They thought I was being a d**k. I was like, 'I'm not being a d**k, it's just what I want to be.'” Very similar to my own story. I got into my brother's porn stash, but I also found a porn magazine, as a little kid, hidden in a clump of shrubs next to my Catholic grammar school. Us boys kept it there for quite awhile and would take turns peeking inside the cover during recess. It's all just really sad.

Another Dead Woman, Another Guy Hooked on Porn

Yet another innocent woman has been bludgeoned to death, by a man who watched porn. But he just didn’t watch porn, he got ideas from it. According to the murderer of Rebekah Gay, of Mount Pleasant, MI, he watched pornography depicting necrophilia just before killing the young woman. This brings to mind probably one of the most significant interviews done during the 20th Century: this was the last interview of serial killer Ted Bundy by James Dobson. The interview has been smugly disregarded by many in the main-stream media, mainly because Dobson is an unapologetic Christian advocate. Everyone one wanted that last interview, but Dobson got it. But the piece must be understood in order to have any grasp upon the effects of porn on modern society.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Porn Goes (Always Was) Satanic

There are numerous porn studios throughout the world, most are located in Southern California, and they make no secret about whom they are in allegiance with: Satan. Just from the names of the studios, here are some of the most obvious companies with Satanic soul-ties:
Anarchy Films
Bizarre Video
Black Light Production
Black Market Entertainment
Black Mirror Productions
Brazen Devil
Damaged Productions
Devil's Film
Diabolic Video
Digital Sin
Evasive Angels
Evil Angel
Extreme Associates
Hellhouse Media
Sin City
Sweet Sinner
Wicked Pictures
And these are only the major studios, this does not include the hundreds of Internet porn companies. Not surprisingly, as porn must always dig ever deeper to lure their over-sexed and complacent older customer backs for more, the next big niche market is “desecration-porn” which specializes in Satanic themes and anti-Christian imagery. Looking for a quick and easy way to become possessed: watch porn.

Porn Goes Sci-Fi

Sleaze-merchants, Vivid Entertainment, the so-called prestige studio of the X-rated world, is planning a series of porn films based upon the Star Wars franchise. The first: Star Wars XXX-A Porn Parody, released this year, will be just one of many. The porn-pushers have already done pornographic versions of both the Harry Potter films and Twilight. No one on Earth can tell me that this is not a deliberate effort to hook children into porn.