Friday, December 28, 2012

The Devil Loves Anal Sex: Part III


  1. That was nothing short of hilarious! You and that shop in the background - camp as a row of tents. Thank you for the smiles, sistah!

  2. Oh honey. Love yourself for who you are. It's okay.

  3. This is a very serious subject. Having prayed for emotional healing with numerous people it is becoming very evident that our emotional wounds and the way we act them out, can indeed be a doorway to demonic entities. If a person breaks certain spiritual laws then there will be consequences. Various behaviors, not just anal sex is a doorway to spiritual darkness as well as occultic practices and drug taking, just to name a few. People need to wake up and realize we are living in extremely dark and very deceptive times. Whether people actually believe it or not is totally irrelevant. Evil spirits are very real and operate under a highly sophisticated hierachical network. If we chose to play by their rules, either willingly or unknowingly we will get burned. Thank God for your openess, people need to hear the truth whether they like it or not.

    1. Well said. Joseph, I pray that you continuing on .... there of course will be many haters.

  4. Joseph, I love this ministry of yours. Don't worry if the majority of people don't understand you. It takes someone who has gone through really dark times and found redemption to understand. You're doing all this out of love. This is real love, the love that can be found from the Higher Power, the one that is above us all. Not the love that most people believe is love, which is associated with pleasure.

    There's the path of Pleasure vs Pain; then there's the path of Lies vs Truth. The Truth may be difficult to hear and not the pleasure-filled path, but it's ultimately the one that will lead to lasting fulfillment. And I know that that's what you've found and what you want to share desperately with people who are going through what you went through. You want to heal their spiritual wounds. And that's a beautiful thing and possibly the reason why you had the life that you did. So that you can come to this point, and help others with what you now know, what has been revealed to you.

    I pray that the gays who believe that you're not accepting their identity will see that this is not what you're doing at all. You never say to the gays that they should stop being gay. You're merely telling them to stop being a slave to their lustful sexual desires and fantasies, that their life is a lot more than about that. And you don't say this just to gays but also to the straights, it's the same for everybody. You're calling for chasteness, or restriction of one's sexual desires, because these desires all lead to pain and darkness. I think there's a lot of truth in that.

    Ego, too much ego is the problem in this world. Ego is the opposite of Love. We need to find our way back to know what true love is. I'm glad for people like Joseph who are helping people to wake up to what true love for one's self is. If you really love yourself, you will want to heal whatever is hurting you. And Joseph helps us to do that. Thank you, Joseph! Much love and blessings to you.