Friday, December 28, 2012

Grace Kelly to Katy Perry: What Happened?

Photo censored by author.

I look at these two photos and think: What happened? Grace Kelly proved that you do not have to take your clothes off to be beautiful; or even sexy. Today, everyone relies solely on the pornographic trick to get the immediate response. There is no more Art in the popular media.  


  1. They had talent in the days of grace Kelly , simply put talent in acting dance and singing. Oh it also helped that breat implants weren't invented yet. Today Hollywood is full of famewhores and so called " reality stars" add to that auto tune and your set to go. For example take a look at ginger Rodgers she was a triple threat sing dance and act !!! She was a better dancer than her partner Fred Astaire even. All the steps she took to mimic his were all done by ginger in time step perfection only she did them backwards and in high heels !! Joe I leave you with a quote from actress Gloria Swanson as Nora Desmond once said in reply to your query what happened ? "we had FACES" beautiful faces in the olde glamour of Hollywood era when it was under the studio system . Those were the days. Give me the timeless classic standard elegance 0f life anytime. - Kisa

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