Thursday, December 6, 2012

American Psychiatric Association Says NO to Sex Addiction

Despite recent strides in “sex addiction” research, the condition does not make the cut as an official psychiatric disorder, according to the American Psychiatric Association. On December 1, the APA approved the latest version of its mental health handbook known as the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5.) The manual includes several new disorders such as hoarding and binge eating. But guidance for diagnosing and treating sex addiction, formally known as hypersexual disorder, won't be included. Although the manual has an appendix that includes “provisional” conditions requiring further research, hypersexual disorder will not appear in this section either.
My first comment: the APA is a completely bogus organization, since 1973, when homosexuality was eliminated from the DSM. They folded under particularly virulent political and social pressure coming from the gay community. Secondly, the APA is on-board, and indebted, to the sexual revolution, so they certainly will not promote any treatment from the ill-affects of those ruined by the promiscuity they declare as normal. They are far from impartial. They have the blood of many young gay men, who died from AIDS, on their hands. 

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  1. There are people who want treatment for this but cannot afford it now because it is no longer considered a mental disorder. This is sad to me. I wonder if they did this because they think sex addiction is a symptom instead of a disease? T. W.