Thursday, November 15, 2012

In Need of Prayers

I am doing a final proof-read of my manuscript. Please keep me in your prayers. I am having a hard time going through my own book; once again. Its very depressing - this time. I am also wondering about the purpose of it all: is it all self-serving pride? But I think back to how I have done very little to get this going; the Lord has really dropped everything in my lap: a good fellow Catholic author who introduced me to a publisher, a photographer who did my jacket cover for free, and the endless stream of men who write to me on my blog about their problems with porn. But I have always questioned everything. I pray that the Lord gives me strength (that I Trust in Him) and that I listen to the Holy Spirit. Thank you. And you are all in my prayers as well.  


  1. You have my prayers and the book will help many people.

  2. Let go and give all to God. Who knows how many will be helped by your book and all those who shared their struggles with you? You may never know the answer but you will meet them in Heaven. God bless, Joseph