Sunday, November 25, 2012

Porn Drops a Big Bomb: We are all so Happy! Part 2

The so-called academic study backed by The Adult Industry Medical Associates reminded me of a magazine cover from the 1950s (my favorite era) gossip rag, Confidential. The headline screams: Cigarettes Do Not Cause Cancer! These studies were widely accepted at the time, although they were funded by big tobacco. Now, we all know the truth. In the case of porn, the body count has just not gotten high enough for people to take notice. How many had to die before smoking was accepted as a risky behavior? How many will have to die in porn?

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  1. I have been depressed lately and decided to look at your old blog postings. I am enjoying the well written, well researched and at times unintentionally funny postings. Thank you for being a blessing to me today. T. W.