Thursday, October 4, 2012

What I Thought of the First Debate:

During last night's Presidential debate, the one aspect that struck me the strongest was Mitt Romney's repeated references to the election as a choice between taking two different “paths.” I liked this analogy. It reminded me immediately of one of my favorite books, The Forty Dreams of Don Bosco. In that collection of mystical experiences recorded about the Italian Saint, the image of the road or path is a frequently reoccurring symbol; most notably in his vision of hell. This got me thinking: just as in our daily lives, we are often faced with difficult or troublesome decisions. Oftentimes, the demarcations between the two ways are clearly marked. One is good, one is evil. In this election, I think this is the case. Although, I do not see Romney as holy or messianic, he is a notably honorable man. I can see this in his interactions with his wife and family. This is reflected in his stands, which I like, on limiting or abolishing abortion, religious freedom, and reining in the out-of-control pornography industry. While Obama, I believe, is a good man deep in his soul, but I think he was gravely psychologically wounded by the childhood abandonment by his father and then his mother. After reading his book, Dreams of My Father, he has never gotten over that hurt. This has left him open to be influenced and manipulated by powerful and persuasive men and ideologies. I think you saw that last night. He was unplugged. He could not form his own thoughts without the endless promptings from others. Romney stood alone: self-assured, masculine, but also humble. His personal personae is well formed and solid. Obama is undeveloped and indecisive. The choice became clear.

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