Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Sad Case of the Guy Who Died from Eating Roaches

Some news stories completely fascinate me: and this was one. Why on Earth would someone do this? This very spot-on psychologist got it right: Lou Manza, of Lebanon Valley College in Pennsylvania said people who participate in extreme events like bug eating “are looking for things to make life interesting...At a certain level we're all looking for things to break up the monotony,” said Manza, who participates in extreme marathons and says some people think that is odd. “We're striving for something that gives life meaning, something beyond the ordinary.” It has always been my contention that modern America is overly bored. See my earlier blog on “Madame Bovary and the Cult of Boredom.” This lack of interest in a world that we have all become heavily invested in, causes extreme bouts of depression, the strange rise in hyperactivity, and the billion-dollar male impotency industry. In a universe where every sexual deviancy is openly revealed by the out-of-control pornography covens, there is nothing left to excite. Hence, the foolish man who will jump from a balloon from the edge of space. I have found that Jesus is the best “high” I have ever been on; and you don’t get a hang-over and there are no adverse side-effects.

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