Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Barack Obama: The First Gay President

I turned off the Presidential debate last night: half-way through it. I just could no longer stomach the snarkiness coming from Obama. In my estimation, he is the first gay President of the US. For I see the same psychosis in him that I observed in most of my gay friends. Like many homosexual males, he came from a home with either a distant or non-existent father (in his own words: Obama remembers being with his father for only one month out of his whole life.) Sadly, his mother essentially abandoned him to be raised my her parents. This is where another component of the typical gay male background falls into place: an overbearing female figure (his grandmother.) This sets up most boys to idolize the heroic male figure (as Obama did in his book Dreams of My Father) or to fixate on the masculine ideal as an unattainable trope. You see this in the homosexual cabal of the early brown-shirts and their love for Hitler. Obama reveres the megalithic solidity of Eastern-bloc style socialism: bureaucratic, all-encompassing, and feigning a care for the masses while building an isolating autocracy. But as with many gay men, when challenged, he becomes petulant and whiny. He does better when surrounded by like-thinking comrades: especially he cadre of “fag-hags:” Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Kathleen Sebelius, Nancy Pelosi, Janet Napolitano, one and on... As with Bill Clinton, he likes to surround himself with shrewish women; for Clinton it rendered them safely neutral and unattractive sexually; for Obama it is a return to the domineering mother. There he feels protected. But along with this, is the longing to assert himself: to be like his dream image of the father. When faced by a genuinely masculine and self-assured man, such as Romney, he shrinks, and relies solely on rhetoric and foot-stomping. Obama is a hurt individual who never healed. He thought that politics would be the route to happiness. But the spotlight has only revealed his major flaws, while a complete individual, Romney for instance, only grows stronger with every challenge. But I still wonder if the American people will go with Obama, as they are as wounded as him. They see him as a kindred-spirit, not as a weak and ineffectual leader.


  1. Preach on brother. Let us pray for the salvation of the lost. T.

  2. I don't know how I missed this post. Quite insightful. On the mark. Got your book on Kindle thinking it was about a man whom God brought out of the grasp of pornography. No idea you were active in homosexuality. The darkness of it all that saddens me for them. As you said in this post, they are wounded. I'm only a third of the way through your book where you realize there are 'voices' in you. I can't imagine how dark it gets. Joseph, the men of our nation are rushing headlong into this stuff! May God have mercy and make His goodness powerfully rescue us men even as evil increases.