Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Warning from Shelley Lubben: Lady Gaga Works for the Devil

Former porn-star turned Christian evangelist said: “Satan always has replacements for you parents who don’t pay attention to your kids…he’s got plenty of parents out there who would love to raise your child…Lady Gaga, do you know Lady Gaga is the offspring of Madonna…Madonna has many children…she has more kids in the porn industry than anywhere…we wanted the same sick admiration that she got from men and boys.” Shelley got this so right. I think Madonna also had an influence on us guys. Her “Like a Prayer” video got me interested in the occult, and then “Justify My love” did the same for my burgeoning obsession with sadomasochism. While in porn, in my sick mind, I thought that I was created art…just like Madonna.


  1. Love your insight! Keep telling the truth Joseph!

  2. Madonna has been deep in the occult before she was famous. There are photographs available online to prove it. Let us pray for her salvation. T.

  3. I feel sorry for Madonna - she lost her mum at a young age. A person can carry a lot of grief from that! I pray that she has a one on one encounter with Jesus himself! Spare a thought for the Ciccone family for a moment. God loves Madonna very much!