Friday, September 7, 2012

The Truth About the Gay Lifestyle; and the Lies


I have been doing some research on the many health risks involved in the homosexual lifestyle. Information is not that easy to find. I started with “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,” (CDC.) On their web-site, they have some very impressive statistical fact-sheets which plainly reveal the horrible consequences of acting out on homosexual desires. For example, although gay men are only 1-2% of the population, they account for 61% of all new HIV infections in the US. Worse of all: among adolescent males aged 13-19 years, approximately 91% of all diagnosed HIV infections are from male-to-male sexual contact. In addition, syphilis and hepatitis A, B, and C are rampant in the gay male population. Yet, in a bizarre twist, the material made available by the CDC features healthy, happy, and smiling gay men. The only thing I can compare them to are the homoerotic propaganda posters which emerged from Nazi Germany, Soviet Russian and Communist China during World War II. They are meant to deceive. Images such as these are products of a megalithic uni-theoretical state. But the CDC is always in an odd situation. The numbers do not lie. Gay men are being infected with incurable diseases and dying. How to turn-it-all upside down? The gay lifestyle will kill you, but, while in it, you will be good-looking, youthful, and joyous. Only, I also discovered a much better source for the truth about homosexuality at “The Family Research Council.” They just list the facts...with no pretty pictures.
Here are the links:

CDC Fact-Sheets:

The Family Research Council:


  1. isn't there plenty of homoeroticism in christian art (both classic and contemporary)?


    1. The picture links you sent are truly beautiful; I have seen both of them before. I have a degree in Art History and get into the difference between art and porn in my book. Simply, art lifts up the soul and Glorifies Man through God, porn debases the spiritual side of human beings and continually ties them to the animal kingdom of instincts and lust. Thanks for the observation.