Monday, September 24, 2012

Selling Them to Satan: Our Complicity in Porn

This last Saturday, I experienced an extremely sad and heart-wrenching moment. I was at the XO Ball in San Francisco helping The Pink Cross Foundation reach out with the love of Christ to porn stars, sex-workers, and the various attendees. Early on in the day, I was making my first walk-about the convention area: when I spotted a very young looking woman seated near the front the stage area. She was one of two pole-strippers that were offering lap-dances for a ten measily dollars. She looked at me with eyes of dread, then sorrow. I continued to stare at her and I smiled a little bit. Relieved, she smiled back. I went up to where she was and handed her and the other young lady a card from Pink Cross and said that I would pray for them. They beamed with happiness and joyfully thanked me. Now, that I was closer, I could see just how young they were: late-teens to very early-twenties. They wore sleazy and barley-there costumes, but not a lot of makeup. Their faces were still glowing with youth. Despite their present condition, anyone would still find them pretty.
After talking very briefly with them, I walked across the large open space from the vicinity of the stage to the concourse section where the various porn companies and actresses had set up their individual booths. Most glared at me disdain and flashes of unveiled hate. Because I was wearing one of Shelley Lubben’s Pink Cross T-Shirts, they knew exactly were I was coming from. These women were a great contrast to the two still fresh-faced younger strippers. For the most part, they were hard, jaded, and burned-out. One actress gave me a particularly ugly look so I handed her a card and said: God bless you. Well, that was it. She hissed and I could tell that this was a case of full-blown demonic possession. I walked away, but it got me thinking. In a few years, will those two girls be sucked into the porn industry: becoming the lifeless shells that shot venom from their mouths at me? Can we stop it or is the outcome of the whole sick process inevitable? I think the answer relies a lot on all of us: Do we continue to watch porn? Do we reach-out as a community of Christian believers or even as individuals? Do we allow our children to be sold into slavery?

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  1. Thank you, Joseph, for being so brave and going to that convention. Remember too that Christ is in you and so you take Him with you where ever you go. You took Him with you to that convention and so you were bringing light to a dark place. The enemy who was in that woman was responding to the Christ in you. This lets you know that you're on the right path. You were bringing Christ's light and love to a dark place and the enemy of our souls was letting you know he wasn't happy about that. Good for you. : )

    Christ's love will win over sinners so, Joseph, continue to walk humbly with your God and ask to be filled with His love for the lost daily. This post was very encouraging to me. Keep up the good work!