Friday, September 28, 2012

Journey To Manhood

Despite the naysayers, also included in this video, these guys have it exactly right. Homosexuality is not something you are born with, and it is nothing something you choose, it is a psychological problem with deeps roots reaching all the way back to childhood. I do not agree with all of their methodology, but the basic principles are sound. I am also still not convinced that a man who struggles with same sex attraction can become heterosexual, or even bisexual. But anything is possible with God. He rose the dead, he can certainly heal us. They can certainly become chaste, as I am living proof of that. Unfortunately, the longer you stay in the gay lifestyle, the harder it is to leave, as your entire identity becomes dependent on it.


  1. Hi Joseph. There's a school of thought that says that the evil inclination is nothing more than our will to receive for the self alone, and that is our uncorrected or "fallen" state if you will, our "original sin". When Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit, they were choosing to receive for themselves alone, when in fact their true destiny, which is ours as well, is to say no to the instant gratification and to become like God. Meaning to help and share and give to others without self-benefit, and ultimately to correct our selfish desires so that all that we receive is purely for the purpose of sharing. By choosing this way instead of receiving all the time, we choose the path of goodness and the path that Jesus/Yeshua taught to attain The Kingdom of Heaven. And I believe that any man who practices the correct method of living, that of serving others (especially those who are like themselves, on the right path to God, and also those in need, but not those who are still wicked and want to cause you harm) - these men ARE the true definition of masculinity. Being masculine doesn't mean an overdose of muscles and testosterone. Just as being feminine doesn't mean being weak and soft. Men and women who are truly spiritual transcend the limitations that can be imposed by their particular gender, while at the same time expressing their love and spirituality as a man if they're men and as women if they're women, each gender having their own unique qualities. I can go on about this school of thought, which says that men are by nature of the Right column which is sharing, and women are of the Left column which is receiving, and ultimately we're all supposed to find the Centre or Middle Column, which will be revealed to us by God but only if we keep putting Right over Left in everything that we do, meaning to have love and kindness/compassion/mercy above desire to receive for the self alone, or to have kindness/compassion behind feelings of judgment towards others. I know you're a Catholic but just wanted to share these with you not to convert you, but actually in the hope that we can find wholeness and oneness despite differing beliefs about spirituality. I pray that you can keep doing what you're doing, and that the Lord will keep refining you and showing you who you truly are and fulfill your destiny. God bless.

    1. Thank you so much of the beautifully written comment; I am humbled. Although I graduated from UC Berkeley, I am still kind-of a simple guy. As to what you wrote, I think I grasped all you were trying to express to me. And I agree with your message. Many blessing in the New Year.