Monday, April 18, 2011

Lady Gaga and the Seven Devils

I suddenly feel extremely justified in my criticism of Lady Gaga from my last blog entry. At the time I wrote it, I had no idea Lady Gaga’s second release from her new album would be a song titled “Judas.” I am not going to describe the song in detail, but it takes a disparaging view of Saint Mary Magdalene. Lady Gaga is continuing to appear more witless and talent-less. When I heard about “Judas” I thought back to my youth and Madonna’s 1989 release “Like a Prayer.” Although the song and video where certainly irreverent, as least there was an idea or thought behind them. I think Madonna (an Italian-Catholic) instinctively understood the power of ritual and art in Catholicism. For that reason, I was not surprised when Madonna became a fervent follow of Kabala; the secretive art of Jewish mysticism. As for Lady Gaga, she sprung from the pornographic culture of the late-20th and early-21st Centuries. Her music lacks inspiration. Like pornography, it is all flash and shock.
But this is not the first time Lady Gaga has pulled the demonic from her bag of tricks. In her video for “Alejandro” she dressed up like an S&M nun while swallowing a rosary. (And I do not use the term demonic lightly.) Whereas, I think Madonna was misguided and perverted, there is something far sicker and darker behind Lady Gaga. In her interview with Barbara Walters, Lady Gaga said: “It wasn't really so easy for my dad, especially in the beginning,” she told Walters. “We didn't talk for months after the first time he saw me play, and my mother told me he was afraid I was, like, mentally unstable.” No such psychic break can be found in the background of Madonna. For this reason, I think it is certainly possible that the demonic plays a part in Lady Gaga’s image and music.
While researching Lady Gaga’s life, I was somewhat surprised to learn that she attended a convent school in New York City. After some thought, even that fact made sense. As someone who has spent quite a bit of time in New York City, I find the stark dichotomies in New York fascinating. Nowhere in the United States can you find beautiful sacred sites (Mother Cabrini shrine), souring Cathedrals (Saint Patrick’s), and incredibly holy men like Father Benedict Groeschel, Father George Rutler, and an incredible series of Archbishops including the current Bishop Timothy Dolan alongside the depths of evil. Porn shops, sex clubs and fetish bars are often within view of Catholic churches, shrines, and schools. For Lady Gaga the step into evil was as simple as crossing the street.
Since Saint Mary Magdalene entered this discussion, I have to mention a very beautiful representation of her in the film “King of Kings.” The best section of the film is a scene between the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene. Soon after being saved by Jesus from being stoned, Mary Magdalene shows up at the door of Jesus’ home. The Virgin Mary comes to the door and invites Mary inside. Mary is reluctant to enter as she is a sinner. The Virgin Mary insists. Mary asks the Virgin Mary to speak to her Son on her behalf. The Virgin Mary thinks, and then says to herself: “intercede.” This demonstrates the highest of Catholic thinking that no other film has ever reached with regards to Our Blessed Lady. The film simply illustrates Our Lady’s role as intercessor. It’s a short and simple lesson, but extremely profound. I recommend the film to everyone.