Monday, July 25, 2011

Captain America vs. Harry Potter

This review contains spoilers.
I saw “Captain America” today and loved it. The look and overall style of the film was a great throwback to the classic movie serials of the 1930’s and 40s. Imagine Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers with CGI animation. The Art Deco sets were beautiful. The actors all first rate. I especially liked the character of Peggy Carter. She is not your typical heroine; smart, beautiful and tough. The mild romance between her and Captain America was refreshingly sweet. And the greatest surprise: no sex! In fact, I did not even hear one cuss word through-out the whole film. Another shock.
The movie is loaded with action violence, but it is all of the good guy versus bad guy variety. The one scene that might upset younger viewers is the one in which Captain America’s best friend is killed. There is also another somewhat gruesome scene where one of the Red Skull’s men is thrown into an airplane propeller. I think the film is suitable for teenagers, but for children under 12 (I would leave that to the parent’s discretion.)
At the box-office, I am thrilled that the film is competing well against the last of the loathsome “Harry Potter” series. “Harry Potter” immediately came to mind while I was watching “Captain America,” as our hero was battling the occult obsessed Red Skull. Captain America is the anti-magic hero. His accomplishments are based on faith, strength, and science and not occultism. Captain America is a simple man who repeatedly willingly offers his life for the greater good. His purpose is always the welfare of others, not esoteric knowledge. In this match-up, Captain America crushes the gnostic Harry Potter.

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  1. The former pastor of the church I used to attend saw no problem with allowing his children to read the Harry Potter books and to watch the films. I asked if he knew what it was about, he said yes. Well, everything is okay when it comes to his family but everyone else is a sinner. Pastors like that make people want to leave the body of Christ. Sad. T. W.