Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Homosexuality Causes Cancer

In a recent study, the majority of HIV– Negative gay men, who were sexually active, tested positive for HPV:
“HPV DNA was found in the anal canal of 57% of study participants. The prevalence of anal HPV infection did not change with age or geographic location. Anal HPV infection was independently associated with receptive anal intercourse…”1.

The chances of contracting HPV, which causes anal cancer, increased once becoming HIV+ Positive:
“Ninety-two percent of HIV-positive MSM had at least 1 anal HPV type, 80% had at least 1 oncogenic HPV type, and 42% had HPV 16.”2.

Yet, even those gay men who are in a “registered” relationships were also at an increased risk of contracting anal cancer; according to a Danish study:
“Women in homosexual partnerships had cancer risks similar to those of Danish women in general…Overall, men in homosexual partnerships were at elevated cancer risk…Anal squamous carcinoma also occurred in excess.”3.

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Dore Alley 2015 Outreach

“I will seek that which was lost: and that which was driven away, I will bring again: and I will bind up that which was broken, and I will strengthen that which was weak…” (Ezk 34:16) 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

"...the foolish things of the world hath God chosen."

The Rise of Gay Catholics and the Persistence of Homosexual Revisionism

According to St. Isaiah the Solitary: “When a man severs himself from evil, he gains an exact understanding of all the sins he has committed against God; for he does not see his sins unless he severs himself from them with a feeling of revulsion. Those who have reached this level pray to God with tears, and are filled with shame when they recall their evil love of the passions.”

One of the oddest social phenomena of recent years is the so-called “renaissance” of gay Catholicism: seemingly well-adjusted and faithful Catholics who insist they are gay and “feeling fine.” Now I understand that there are as many varieties of faith journeys as there are men on earth, but any that include a particular attachment to the sin, such as self-identifying as gay while claiming to be free of the lifestyle, is a journey that is not even partially complete. For instance, when the Lord rescued me from being gay, I spent months in an extremely painful condition of tremendous remorse; because I had been subject to a pervasive form of narcolepsy that takes over everyone once they “come-out,” I spent so many pointless days numb to everything going on around me: the needless deaths; the hardening of my heart due to an over-availability of sex and a general lack of compassion; and a growing discontent within me as after ten years – happiness always alluded me. When I was enmeshed in that life, I could feel practically nothing. Afterwards, it all rushed upon me; I became overwhelmed: for days, I would cry unceasingly, vomit every few hours, and tremble uncontrollably. Yet, later, when the pain dissipated, there was always this sense of pervasive sadness (revulsion) which stayed with me. I kept going back to this one incomprehensible moment in my mind – when I thought: “My God, they are all dead!” My heart would break a hundred times a day. The sorrow I felt was indescribable; and, I realized it was all for nothing – it had been a lie. For, somehow, someway, each of us had been convinced we were gay – and that was how we were to live the rest of our lives; but, we didn’t know that some of us would be around for only a few years. Therefore, today, I could never imagine attaching myself in anyway with that word; because, it’s cursed – death is upon it.  

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Catholic and Gay - Something Must Change: My Message to Most Holy Redeemer Parish in San Francisco

From a recent article which appeared in “Catholic San Francisco” about Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Parish in the Castro:

“We didn’t come here to change anybody,” said Father McClure who sat with Father Link near the parish’s memorial fountain where the founders of the parish’s 30-year-old AIDS Support Group ministry are honored, including ninth pastor Father Anthony McGuire. Behind them on a stone wall are the words of Corinthians 1: 13:13: “But now faith, hope, and love remain – of these three, the greatest of these is love.”

Yet, as someone who lived through the horror of the AIDS epidemics of the 1980s and 90s, things are clearly not well in the Castro; and, to you Fr. McClure, they clearly need to change. A bit about myself: I dropped into San Francisco as a rather naive and impressionable young man in 1988; death was literally everywhere, but I had grown up tortured, teased, and alienated and I knew that I belonged in the gay community; there – I thought I would find comfort and understanding. What I did find were hundreds of older gay men willing to be a surrogate father, willing to take me home and have sex with me, but not very willing to offer anything else. At first, that was enough, and I thought I was happy. Suddenly, all of my friends, who were essentially doing the same things as I, began to die. A few were buried out of Most Holy Redeemer. But, despite the pointless suffering and agonizing deaths of those I loved, I never once wavered in my allegiance to the gay experiment; after all, I had nowhere else to go. As many of us who made the trek to San Francisco, oftentimes from other parts of the country and the world, we had given up much: said goodbye to our often disapproving families, left our childhood homes behind, and made our way to the West Coast in the hope of discovering comradery and peace. Even with the threat of AIDS constantly lurking as an everyday reality; we were prepared to give everything up. It was a leap of faith, but also an act of desperation. Growing up Catholic, I never once, during the 12 years I spent in parochial school heard the word gay or homosexual – though, on the playground, I often heard the word “fag” shouted right at me. For the most part, the silence from Catholicism I took, not as a condemnation, but that the Church didn’t really care about me; that I wasn’t important enough to even mention; that I didn’t belong.

In San Francisco, we came searching for a new family and a new home. For myself, it seemed to work for a while; then, I could no longer tolerate the endless and meaningless hook-ups, the sense of emptiness that never went away, and the mindless plague that was all around me. I started to think that something needed to change. Then, for some strange reason, I went to talk to a Catholic priest; I knew little about him, but I quickly surmised that he found nothing that was objectionable in the gay lifestyle. He told me to me to stay put, that I was who I was, and to try to settle down with one guy. In hindsight, he could have been sending me back to my death, but I never contracted HIV and I survived. For a while, I earnestly tried to avoid the one-sided relationships I had been repeatedly trapped in, but I found it difficult as the first question from everyone I met was usually: “…are you a top or a bottom?” Sex was compulsory; I think immediately think of something said by one of the characters in Larry Kramer’s groundbreaking novel “Faggots” when he stated it crudely, but perfectly: “…why do faggots have to f**k so f**king much?!...it’s as if we have nothing else to do.” That was the nightmare I couldn’t get out of. The more I reached out, the more self-centered and desperate I became; those I met could do little to help as they were similarly stuck in a cycle of co-dependency and eventual loneliness. At one point, I needed someone so badly, someone who I perceived as stable, that I entered into a relationship with caring, but HIV+ older man. I was still willing to risk it all.

Eventually, I burned out from my repeated attempts at happiness; with many of my friends dead – my family scooped up my body and brought me home. Instinctively, I knew that everything from that point onward would be different. Figuring that I had nothing to lose, I went back to the Church: I received absolution and reassurance that I was making the right decision from a kindly and humble priest. Yet, right away, I wondered what future there was for me – after all, I am gay; Aren’t I? Where am I to go? What am I to do? I felt lost, as I belonged nowhere. Then, one night, while looking for any ray of hope – I scanned the internet and found out about Courage. I attended my first meeting in San Francisco, a city that I didn’t want to return to, but again I needed friends and male companionship. For a time, it was an oasis: everyone there shared my new found realization that homosexuality was a literal dead-end and that we needed something else- namely God. At the same time, I read: books by Fr. John Harvey and Dr. Joseph Nicolosi. Surprisingly, I wasn’t alone – there were thousands of men who similarly found the gay lifestyle shallow, empty, and ultimately self-destructive. I learned that: “Males who are homosexuals tend to be neglected emotionally by their fathers and receive less affection than their heterosexual counterparts.” I began to wonder: what if I had known? Would I have stayed so long? Did my friends have to die? I remembered that priest: did he even attempt get to know me? Why didn’t he ask if I had been molested? Or if I had been abused or neglected? But, he sent a damaged boy back to a life that was clearly out of control. Didn’t I deserve to know the Truth? That I did have choice.

When Fr. McClure first arrived at Most Holy Redeemer, I contacted both him and Fr. Link; I had a proposal: a short presentation about my experiences and about Courage; I assured them, I was not there to judge or to tell anyone that their lifestyle was wrong or evil; that’s their decision to make – not mine. I simply wanted to present an alternative; that they did not have to live this way. I was turned down.

Dear Fr. McClure: you state that you didn’t come to Most Holy Redeemer to “change” anyone, but things need to change. According to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation: “Almost one in four gay or bisexual men in San Francisco is living with HIV and 86% of new HIV diagnoses are among gay and bisexual men…In 2013, there were 359 newly diagnosed HIV cases…Of those newly diagnosed with HIV in 2013, nine in 10 (91%) identified as male, 86 percent were men who have sex with other men, a majority (54%) were between 30-49 years old.” How many have to become infected? And how many have to die before you realize that the status-quo is no longer sustainable? You rightly heralded the history of charity and Christian generosity at Most Holy Redeemer, as I stated some of my friends were given funerals at MHR when no one else would do it, but when are we going to stop burying people? When is enough enough? It needs to change and it needs to change now. Unlike what happened to me, these men should be given the choice: allow Courage at Most Holy Redeemer.

Your friend in Christ: Joseph Sciambra

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

If You Will Not Be a Father to Your Son – There Are Plenty of Gay Men Who Will

From the CDC webpage: http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/group/age/youth/index.html

“My first sex-club venture inadvertently exposed a dirty, but far from secret, reality within the gay community: the constant need for young new recruits. Since the gay population cannot naturally reproduce itself, they rely on those entering the lifestyle to renew their always aging and dwindling numbers. My first lover in the bathhouse was a man from another generation. As it goes, older and experienced gay men will almost always initiate the young and naive into the world of gay sex. The cerebral orderliness by which many of these older men go about their task tends to take on a strange ritualistic aspect. This storyline narrative is a mainstay in gay porn.

For the young, having their first experience done with, the broken- in neophytes then enter the gay community to mingle with others of their own age. The cycle plays over again, when everyone gets older. Then, those, who are no longer a beloved boy, must seek out fresh meat; and now the sought becomes the seeker. The procedure is sickeningly vampiristic. The young draw some imagined male power from their partners during an inaugural sexual encounter, while the older males feed off the youthful innocence and vigor of the new converts…”

From me own experiences (see excerpt from my book above), a rather solid factual truism in gay culture is the phenomena of younger men, especially those new on the scene, to immediately pair up with older lovers. A lot of this has to do with a “daddy complex” or father wound found in many homosexual men; Richard P. Fitzgibbons, M.D. expertly summarized the psychology at work here: “Many men will engage in extremely promiscuous homosexual behavior in a frustrating unconscious attempt to fill the childhood and adolescent craving for father love.” Although clearly irrational, the rush of acceptance instantaneously received by any boy going into the gay world, at least, temporarily, seems to feel the void. And, to a kid who grew up alienated and always seeking masculine affirmations – suddenly, memories of being the wimp no one wanted around; of being called a sissy and a fag seem like a bad distant dream. Finally, we discover that there are men willing to hold us; most of the time – they are older; a Swiss study found that: “The median age at FAI [first anal intercourse] fell from 24.5 years among men born before 1965 to 20.0 years among those born between 1975 and 1984. In each birth cohort, between 20 and 30% reported a partner 10 years older or more.”1 Yet this sense of superficial healing all comes at a price: “…the risk of infection doubled if the participant had sex with men who were older than 30 years and with men who were (approximately) their same age.”2 For those who have long suffered and grown desperate, like every demonic invention, homosexuality at first appears as the ultimate answer; later, the payback is enormous.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Gay Male Couples Are Far From Monogamous

A study that analyzed data from the first MSM cycle of the National HIV Behavioral Surveillance system, conducted from 2003 to 2005 estimated relationships between number of casual male sex partners within the previous year and demographic information, self-reported HIV status, and risk behaviors: “Among respondents, 76% reported having had a casual male partner; 32% had only male casual partners and 44% had main and casual partners; 24% had main male partners exclusively.”1. This confirms much the same results found in a study conducted at about the same time, which revealed that among gay male couples in San Francisco: “Ninety nine percent of couples reported having an agreement…Specifically, 45% had monogamous agreements, 47% had open agreements, and 8% reported discrepant agreements.”2. In comparison, at most: “approximately 4-5% of North American adults, when given the option to describe their relationship, indicate that they are engaged in consensual non-monogamy.”3.

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